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Digitain’s P2P games allow our partners access to the latest skill-based games that will enable your brand to reach new player demographics that can help drive bottom line revenue and profits.

All our P2P games are easily integrated, providing hassle-free frictionless accessibility to more engaging content to acquire, retain and cross-sell your players. P2P games are intended for two players. The games start with one of the players creating a new game or joins the already created one. You can also watch the other players’ games unless the latter was designed as a “Private game.” The game creator defines the terms. The player joining the already created game accepts the terms. The game creator chooses to play with the given opponent or not. The game starts only in the case of a positive answer.

We have the following types of games: Belote (Open and Classic ), Backgammon ( Short, Asian, Long, Blitz, Pioneer, Hyper, Nack), Dominoes ( Fives, Classic, Thress, Block), Game 21, Pasur.

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Digitain’s new PENALTY football game provides all the excitement and emotions of a real penalty situation, with its realistic visual effects and authentic sounds. The game is fast, dynamic, user-friendly and can be effortlessly configured to meet the operator’s requirements.



The logic for the Rocketon is basically the same as for the Crash. The only difference is the completely new design, animation and sound effects. Out of all games, that have been written prior to this, this is the first one, which has used React.js for its front-end development.

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SIC BO is an ongoing game which gives players the opportunity to join at any time. Players are given at least 5 seconds to make a bet(s).

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Hi-Lo is an immersive, and entertaining high-velocity game given the actual game allows players to have the opportunity to choose to join when they wish to engage in the gameplay at any time during the actual game session.



Crash is an innovative game for fans of new sensations, in which players can easily win the desired amount of money. The game is attractive and quite interesting and gives you an opportunity to have a great deal of coaching.

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Game Keno gives you the chance of making bets on a combination of 8-10 numbers. During each round 20 out of 80 subsequently numbered balls are raffled.



Hokm is a trick taking card game, in which the object is to be the first team or player to win 7 points. Hokm literally means "command, order" but in card game jargon, it's the Persian word for the trump suit. Hokm is the most popular card game in Iran.



Minesweeper is a game designed for 2 players. The game begins when one of the players creates a new game and the 2nd player joins the already existing one.


Rock, Paper, Scissors

Rock, Paper, Scissors is a game designed for 2 players. The game begins when one of the players creates a new game and the 2nd player joins the existing on

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Joker is a very popular card game widely enjoyed especially in post-Soviet Union countries. It is played by two players. Two make it even more vivid and catchy. The Classic Game consists of four pulls (stages).

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Pasur is a popular fishing card game. The game process is attractive and absorbing. The game’s interest, color and technical solutions, as well as rules give the game a unique glamor.

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Game 21 is a card game designed for two players. If you are a lover of blackjack and you do not want to lure yourself to complicated rules, then this is the game for you. The rules are easy to understand, remember and play.



The game for the block is where each player tries to match his/her bones having an appropriate amount of points with the bones of the open end of dominoes on the table. If a player fails to match his/her bones having an appropriate amount of points with the bones of the open end of dominoes, he/she misses his/her turn.

All Three Domino software platform provider

All Three Domino

The game is very different from other types of dominoes by the way the points are awarded. Each player tries to match his/her bones having an appropriate amount of points with the bones of the open end of dominoes on the table.


All Fives Domino

All Fives Dominoes is also called Muggins Domino.The rules of this game are similar to the standard domino game rules (Draw Dominoes). The only difference is the game purpose: not only go out but put bones that score 5 points at the end (or multiple to five).

Classic (Traditional) Domino software provider

Classic (Traditional) Domino

The game begins when one of the players creates a new game or joins the already established game. There is also an opportunity to watch the game of other players if it has not been set as a “Private Game.”

Domino Software Platform Provider


Dominoes is a game for two players, during which the chain of dominoes adjoining each other with the same number of pips is built. This is an exciting game where the conditions depend on the type of game you have chosen.



Pioneer is a type of Backgammon, which is played by two players. The game board consists of 12 triangles called points. The triangles are grouped into two sectors of six triangles each. Those sectors are called home board and the opponent’s home board.



This game is similar to Backgammon, but differs in the initial arrangement of checkers: in each row where 5 checkers were placed, one checker is off and a row of two checkers is added on the second line.

Hyper-Backgammon game software provider


Hyper-Backgammon is a game for two players, played on a board consisting of twenty-four triangles called points. The triangles are grouped into four quadrants of six triangles each.

Blitz Backgammon Game Platform Provider

Blitz Backgammon

To start the game, each player throws a single dice. This determines both which player will start first and the numbers to be played. If equal numbers come up, then both players roll the dice again until they roll different numbers.

Long backgammon game platform provider

Long backgammon

Long backgammon is a family backgammon game, and it differs from ordinary backgammon in its initial setting, rules, and strategy. Long backgammon is mostly a block game.

Backgammon game platform provider


Backgammon is one of the most popular board games in the world. In our Backgammon, we have combined vivid functionality within a simple and intuitive user interface.

Open Belote game platform provider

Open Belote

Cards of all suits participate in the game: 7, 8, 9, 10, J, Q, K, A. Contrary to the Belote Classic, this version goes with open cards. At the beginning of the round four cards of total eight are open, and the players decide the trump suit.


Belote Classic

Belote is a trick-and-meld French card game intended for two players. Our belote is designed to please even the most demanding customer. To ensure your comfort and lasting curiosity, we endowed the game with multiple conventions and functions and made the game safer and the interface more configurable. And all of this with one hand movement. You just need to choose and enjoy the game.