Game 21 is a card game designed for two players. If you are a lover of blackjack and you do not want to lure yourself to complicated rules, then this is the game for you. The rules are easy to understand, remember and play.

We kept it so clear that you could focus on the game process. Define rules as attractive as possible and enjoy the simplicity and attractiveness of the game.

Here you can find conventional bid opportunities such as

  • Blind Cards in case of use of the blind card, there is 1 closed card, which opens only at the end of the game
  • Hidden Cards if a participant created or joined a table with this option, then in case the system chooses him as Player, his cards will be open only to him and will be hidden to his opponent (who was chosen by the system as “Dealer”).
  • Private Game choosing this option nobody can watch the game in the process
  • Rating– the game result determines player ranking (in case of win it grows, in case of lost, it reduces)