Joker is a very popular card game widely enjoyed especially in post-Soviet Union countries. It is played by two players. Two make it even more vivid and catchy. The Classic Game consists of four pulls (stages).

Thus, the whole game consists of 24 hands. Short Game consists of two bullets (stages). The stage takes place in 4 hands of 9 cards each.

Cards are dealt one by one to the number corresponding to the stage and the number of the hand. After the players get the required number of cards, the next card in the deck is laid out on the table upside down, her suit is declared a trump card (if this card is one of the jokers, then the hand-over passes without trumps). In the second and fourth bullet ( 9 cards each), the player who was first given the card determines the trump card, but only after the player has seen the first 3 cards dealt to him. Thus, the whole game consists of 8 hands. sent and The Joker game is fully supported across smartphones and tablets.

The distribution of cards is made by each player in turn.

After the distribution of cards and the announcement of a trump card, players, in turn, make an application, which is the obligation to collect any number of bribes from zero (pass) to the number of handed out cards (1-9). Players’ requests are recorded in a special table. The number of orders in the distribution should not be equal to the length of distribution, for example, if one card was dealt and the first player sent, then only a bribe should be available for the second player, that is, one bribe must be closed so that there is no uniformity with the cards distributed.

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