Classic (Traditional) Domino

The game begins when one of the players creates a new game or joins the already established game. There is also an opportunity to watch the game of other players if it has not been set as a “Private Game.”

The first step in the match is taken by the player determined by the draw (the lowest bone). The general rules take the first step. The step must be taken only by a double (if available) or with the lowest bone. The first double put, whether it is the first step or not, becomes the basis of the crossbones can be set on all four sides. All following doubles are standard ones.

The following player puts bones with suitable points. If there is no suitable bone you need to find a required domino in the “Reserve.” A player who cannot take any step selects bones from the “Reserve” until he/she finds a bone with the needed points or the “Reserve” is over.

The game is over when one player puts the last bone, i.e., no dominoes remain on his/her hand. After that, the calculation of opponent’s points takes place which is transferred to the player who won.

The game can end by the “block” – a case when there comes a blocking of steps when you have still bones, but you can put nothing.

In case of the “block,” the prize belongs to the player who has the fewer points. His/her prize also includes the point’s difference.