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Digitain’s sportsbook software caters for International, European, American, African and Asian agent-based operators. It provides a comprehensive multi-lingual, multi-currency, customizable interface that can be easily integrated using the Digitain API’s with an already existing platform/start-up, or whether you are an online casino operator or land-based sportsbook vendor.

At-a-glance sportsbook key features:

Real Live Monthly Events


Pre-Match Monthly Events


International Leagues


Betting Markets




In-House Traders


Management Tools




Software Developers


Mobile Apps

Our sportsbook software includes scoreboards for your website to display real-time match details using graphics and statistics. These are available on each live Football, Tennis, Basketball, Handball, Volleyball, Hockey, and Baseball match and can be provided through an API as a separate product to enhance sports betting engagement with your players, or as part of our full-service offering.

All our odds and match markets are calculated, compiled and monitored in-house by our traders, ensuring competitive odds for new player acquisition, robust risk management and margin yield for your sportsbook software. The trading team covers all types of sports in pre-match and over 35,000 Live Events per month. Our Pre-Match Department offers odds on over 65+ sports and events, 7,500 leagues worldwide and over 3,000 betting markets.

Our team of Sports Betting Analysts complies live match information from in-stadia reporters and video coverage, and our Live Match Betting Calendar is updated at least a week before the games, to support player marketing. Meanwhile, the Live Matches Allocation team uses our signature Automatic Match Allocation Program as a basis for the Live trading calendar. This program distributes upcoming matches suitable to the skills of the traders, using a highly sophisticated algorithm, which identifies the experience of that trader and the ranking of the match to optimize the distribution.



  • Fast Bet
    Fast Bet

    Allows to place bet using hot-keys, which is faster and popular is certain markets, such as Africa.

  • Superbet

    Grants the customers the ability to request a larger bet stake than the maximum available at the time.

  • Print your bet
    Print your bet

    Allows online customers to print a receipt of their bet(s).

Sportsbook Software
  • Book a bet
    Book a bet

    Gives the customers permission to reserve a bet/price from an online channel, and then place it in retail shop or via Internet instead.

  • Edit my bet
    Edit my bet

    Allows the customers to change their existing bet selection(s) on multiple.

  • Cashout

    Allows the customers to take control of their bet, essentially providing an option to settle an existing bet before the event has finished, taking a profit or restricting a loss.

Share Betslip on Social Media
Share Betslip on Social Media

Gives the customers the chance to instantly share their winnings betslip on social media channels.