Dominoes is a game for two players, during which the chain of dominoes adjoining each other with the same number of pips is built. This is an exciting game where the conditions depend on the type of game you have chosen.

 We have come up with a selection of interesting versions of this game that are attractive, interesting and functional.

We offer conventional bids such as:

  • Winner Gets All when selecting this convention the player who becomes the winner gets the scores remained at the opponent as well as the sum of bone points from the reserve
  • Multy pair an additional function to be able to play up to 4 pips at one move
  • Private Game choosing this option nobody can watch the game in the process
  • Rating the game result determines player ranking (in case of win it grows, in case of lost, it reduces)

There are the following types available:

  • Classic
  • All Fives
  • All Three
  • Block