All Three Domino

The game is very different from other types of dominoes by the way the points are awarded. Each player tries to match his/her bones having an appropriate amount of points with the bones of the open end of dominoes on the table.

The player gets points each time he/she takes a step as a result of which the bones’ ends become open if the sum of the pips on the open end is multiple of 3.

The player who goes out wins additional points based on the value of dominoes still in other players’ hands, which is figured by counting all pips on those dominoes.

Each opponent’s hand is rounded to the nearest multiple of 3. These points are summed and awarded to the winner. If all players are blocked, the lightest hand wins, still earning points based on the pips in opponents’ hands (often after subtracting the winner’s pip count from each hand or from the total). Each time the sum of bones points put on the table is multiple of 3, and the player gets the number of points that are divided by 3.