Long backgammon

Long backgammon is a family backgammon game, and it differs from ordinary backgammon in its initial setting, rules, and strategy. Long backgammon is mostly a block game.

There are two players in the game. In the game is used a special board divided into two halves. (left and right).

Each player has 15 checkers which are placed along right side of their boards’ half. The players’ checker sets have different colors, commonly they are white and black. The players use 2 dices. During the game, players throw dices by turn. Each player can move only his own checkers.

The sense of the game

The player needs to pass with all his checkers a fool circle (counter clockwise) and enter with them into “home” and then “throw out” them before the same does his opponent. The “home” for each player is the last quarter of the playing field, which comes after 18 squares from the “head”.

Game conventions

  • Cube for multiplying the initial stake
  • Jacoby Mars and Koks count only as a single game if neither player has offered a stake multiply during the course of the game
  • Beaver when a player is doubled, he may immediately redouble (beaver) while retaining possession of the cube. The original doubler has the option of accepting or refusing.
  • Change Dice for replacing any dice that is not favorable for you (1 or 2 dices at the same time)
  • Private Game- choosing this option nobody can watch the game in process
  • Rating- the game result determines player ranking (in case of win it grows, in case of lost, it reduces)