Belote Classic

Belote is a trick-and-meld French card game intended for two players. Our belote is designed to please even the most demanding customer. To ensure your comfort and lasting curiosity, we endowed the game with multiple conventions and functions and made the game safer and the interface more configurable. And all of this with one hand movement. You just need to choose and enjoy the game.

We offer the following functionality for including/ excluding conventional bids such as

  • Trump
  • Only tierce
  • Without 4 cards and 100
  • Without combinations

And more options such as

  • Double stake to offer initial stake double anytime
  • Change Card– for replacing any card that is not favorable for you
  • Private Game– choosing this option nobody can watch the game in the process
  • Rating– the game result determines player ranking (in case of win it grows, in case of lost, it reduces)

We offer the following Belote types:

  • Classic
  • Open
  • 6 Card