Focus Gaming News: Interview With Digitain’s Sales Team Manager, Hamest Safaryan

23 June 2023 / Interviews


Hamest Safaryan: “Digitain’s culture is to put our partners and people at the centre of everything we do”.

How are you preparing for both LatAm shows?

Digitain has an extensive trade show events attendance calendar for 2023. Our teams travel many thousands of miles annually, so preparation is essential to ensure a smooth journey for our team, the equipment and the booth build.

As we have been doing these roadshows for many years, we are used to the challenges some of which we can’t control such as air travel interruptions or delays for example, so we always ensure early arrival to meet with show organisers, planners for the booth construction etc.

Our team very much looks forward to the shows, as it is about people, and Digitain’s culture is to put our partners and people at the centre of everything we do. So we are excited to meet with our existing partners, welcome new partners to our booth and discuss their business requirements and how the whole Digitain family can support and exceed their goals for that market.

SiGMA Americas is going to LatAm with all its international experience. What do you expect to see in each event?

SiGMA is a great brand, they have always been and continue to be super organised with both attendees and exhibitors. We expect good attendance, great content streams, and of course networking events. The networking events are super important, for people to get to know one another, and how they look at the challenge and develop an adaptable solution. It’s people that deliver the solutions, and that is a core value of Digitain.

What are the company’s goals for the expo? What are your expectations in terms of meeting with clients and potential deals?

As an established sportsbook and igaming platform solutions provider with over 150 international partners, we are somewhat in a good position that the brand is known, with high levels of trust, reliability and code stability and of deliverability and support services of our technology solutions.

This means our inquiry pipeline is already strong in terms of booth meetings, and of course, we always welcome walk-ups whom our team shall be very happy to meet. From an expectations perspective, it is to meet partners and new partners alike, deals take time, and Digitain is with you at every step of that journey in selecting your future technology partner.

“We are somewhat in a good position that the brand is known, with high levels of trust, reliability and code stability.”

What products are you most eager to showcase? Do you have any specific products for different countries in LatAm?

For this specific show, we are lucky to showcase many in-house products that our partners shall find suitable for the Peru market, especially for the Latam market. A complete omnichannel platform solution with different verticals and a sportsbook API solution with customisation are available to discuss at our booth E120.

What assessment do you make about the current situation in Brazil regarding sports betting regulation?

Digitain as an organisation fully supports regulation and multi-jurisdictional licensing regimes. These frameworks are exceptionally important in the supply chain, and foremostly to protect the end players.

Of course, regulation takes time with policymakers, but you only must look at the great success of the USA, whereby legal sports betting has expanded on the state-by-state level. This has provided employment, tax dollars, and consumer protection to citizens.

What are the major challenges when building a sports betting platform?

As a business, we have invested heavily both financially and in people to create solutions, build out those solutions, and support services. This investment doesn’t end when you have a market-ready product, it continues, it evolves.

Perhaps the major challenges are on the front end. Simply today’s digital players, want a more one-2-one or personalised service, that appeals to the local market and end players betting interests.

Digitain’s robust platform which supports multiple languages and local currencies allows LatAm gaming operators/partners to reach the widest local audience and if required cross-border audience as possible.

Players’ appetite for deeper digital personalised experiences from sports betting brands will continue at a faster pace. Our solution facilitates this much-needed localisation. On the front end, dynamic CMS at each touch point in the marketing funnel allows partners personalized experiences to test user journeys, with more relevancy and authenticity within the critical moments of the new players’ onboarding lifecycle within the platform.

“Simply today’s digital players, want a more one-2-one or personalised service.”

The Latin American market is going through an exponential expansion, what is Digitain’s biggest challenge in this scenario?

We as a business organization view challenges as opportunities to deliver solutions, we are an ideas and solutions company.

Therefore, we have already expanded our sales and customer success teams for LatAm, along with more localization on the front end, look and feel, betting markets and promotions, to the back end in terms of payments and our Paydrom payment gateway.

For sure we are an internal business, but we act and think locally, and work alongside our partners to deliver local market needs and requirements. This will allow our business to grow in LatAm and our partners’ businesses to grow.

Source: Focus Gaming News