2019 Predictions for iGaming Industry from Digitain

Predictions for iGaming Industry from Digitain

What Does 2019 Hold?

We are already nearing the end of January and time goes by quicker every year.  So what are our predictions for 2019 in the iGaming Vertical? We believe three central areas shall be pivotal within the iGaming supply chain.

CX – The Importance of a Good Customer Experience

Customer Experience or CX is now widely regarded in other verticals as paramount for a brands survival in the unforgiving digital economy where attention spans are measured in seconds likewise customer fulfillment in nanoseconds.   iGaming Platform providers won’t be immune to this as a shift occurs from product orientation to one of CX experience within the buyer behavior cycle. The supply chain is highly competitive and demanding, and with commoditization across all products, CX will become more critical in B2B decision-making, as we are all consumers and have high expectations when it comes to customer experience.

Co-development and Inclusive Collaboration

This goes hand-in-hand with a central CX strategy. Operators are more demanding and quite rightly wish to have more control over the brand and customer journey technology touchpoints.

Platform providers that continue to rely on the traditional model of supplier/client shall succumb as their inflexibility in a cultural mindset and technology stack will ultimately impinge on their growth prospects and ability to service clients who wish co-development of their own brand journey and technology road-map.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

In every industry sector, businesses across the globe are reaching towards AI to improve their product pipeline, streamline and automate services which ultimately and hopefully shall deliver higher levels of both customer experience and satisfaction.  The B2B technology platform sector won’t be immune as they seek to offer the best inclusive customer experience possible to their clients and ultimately the end user, the player.  Look out for more AI-driven software testing processes that can replace manual and repetitive testing and improve QA cycles to production release. There will be a raft of productivity tools, which allow the co-development ethos to evolve and empower lean teams within the operator brands to control the brand’s development in concert with the platform partner.


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