SoloAzar: High Flying Hours, and Plenty of Energy and Enthusiasm for Digitain at Sigma Americas, Brazil

26 June 2023 / Interviews


How did you experience the five days of the tradeshow and how it was the firm´s performance?

Our team travelled thousands of miles to attend the SiGMA show. While we had a lot of travel, our energy and enthusiasm to meet existing and new partners was very high.

The team worked hard, and we have several new deals in the pipeline that we are excited about and will announce in the months ahead.

What were the topics that most caught your attention during the event?

As always, with a show like this, there are always topics of interest. From Digitain’s perspective, we had a lot of interest in our sportsbook solution due to its capability to localise content on the front end and configure markets, odds, and margins to allow the brand to offer the most vigorous depth of product, but at the same time ensure robust trading margin controls.

The other product of interest was Paydrom, our payment gateway. Payment preferences can change as brands reach different markets and areas within a country. Therefore, having a solution via a single API endpoint integration solves many operational overheads for the operator.

Paydrom allows a centralised payment management system with 50+ providers, 400+ payment options, and over 30 countries covered, and it streamlines the day-2-day operational payment flows for the Latam market.

Considering that in Brazil, gambling is not yet regularized, what are the company’s perspectives on this debate?

As a business that supplies various partners globally in regulated markets, we support regulation within the supply chain. From a technical perspective our software is GLI-certified, and we have many features such as the Tax engine automated management system for regulatory reporting.

Digitain was also recently awarded licenses in the regulated jurisdictions of Romania and Greece, and we shall continue to monitor the Brazilian situation closely.

Why are you interested in the Brazilian market and what are your company’s plans for the Brazilian market?

This is a fascinating and dynamic market with homegrown Operators breaking through and making waves. That said, the new regulation may leave the market with a rarified group of international Operators or only those financially equipped to pay the high license fees. That said, the tax regime proposed doesn’t appear too egregious. Still, it will be imperative that any new entrant to the market has the richest possible casino and sportsbook offering to compete because you can have all the money in the world or a comprehensive customer base. Still, if your product is inferior to your competitors, it won’t be long before punters migrate elsewhere.

Can you tell us about your plans for expansion in Latin America?

This won’t come as any surprise, but we are proactively looking to bolster are sales team in the region and we may consider putting one or more local offices in the region in the coming year.

Source: SoloAzar