Seize Opportunities in Real-Time: Explore the Advantages of Digitain’s Live Betting Feature

01 August 2023 / Blog

As the sports betting landscape continues to transform, players are seeking more than just traditional pre-match bets. They crave real-time action, dynamic odds, and the thrill of placing bets as the game unfolds. Live betting has emerged as a powerful trend, captivating players and driving significant growth in the iGaming industry. Digitain, as the industry leader, recognizes the immense potential of live betting and has developed a cutting-edge Live Betting Feature that is designed to take operators’ businesses to new heights.

Understanding Digitain’s Live Betting Feature

Digitain’s Live Betting Feature is more than just a standard offering; it’s a game-changer that sets our partners apart in today’s competitive market. Let’s delve deeper into the key advantages that make our Live Betting Feature stand out:

  • Enhancing User Engagement

In the world of sports betting, player engagement is the holy grail. Live betting is the ultimate engagement booster as it immerses players in the heart of the action. Our Live Betting Feature provides real-time updates, ensuring players are up to date with all the critical developments during the game. The ability to place bets as the game unfolds keeps users engaged throughout the entire event, leading to increased betting activity and prolonged sessions. Operators can leverage this high level of engagement to foster customer loyalty and drive revenue growth.

  • Broadening Market Appeal

Diversity is key to success in the iGaming industry. Our Live Betting Feature covers a wide array of sports, ensuring that our partners can cater to various preferences and target a broader audience. Whether it’s the adrenaline-pumping excitement of football, the intensity of basketball, the grace of tennis, or the passion of cricket, our platform provides an extensive selection of live betting options that appeal to fans worldwide. By offering a comprehensive range of sports, operators can expand their market reach and attract players from various regions and demographics.

  • Competitive Edge with Dynamic Odds

Providing competitive odds is crucial to maintaining player satisfaction. With over 100,000 live bets a month, Digitain ensures that our odds remain dynamic and responsive to real-time developments. Our team of expert traders and risk managers work tirelessly to offer odds that accurately reflect the game’s progress. This ensures that players receive fair and updated odds, enhancing their overall betting experience. The ability to provide competitive odds gives our partners a competitive edge in the market and positions them as a preferred choice for sports betting enthusiasts.

  • Simplified User Experience

We recognize the importance of providing a seamless and user-friendly interface that enhances the player’s journey. Our platform is designed with simplicity and efficiency in mind, making it easy for players to access live events, browse through available markets, and place bets effortlessly. Our user-friendly interface extends to both desktop and mobile devices, ensuring a consistent and enjoyable experience for players across all platforms. Simplified navigation and clear presentation of live events enable players to focus on the excitement of live betting, eliminating any unnecessary complexities that could hinder their enjoyment.

  • Dedicated Team of Traders

Behind the scenes of our Live Betting Feature lies a dedicated team of traders who are experts in their field. From risk managers to live match analysts, our trading operations are staffed with professionals who possess deep knowledge and experience in sports betting. The team continuously monitors and analyzes matches, making manual interventions when necessary to ensure the accuracy of odds and maintain a competitive edge. Additionally, our traders manage margins and pricing with precision, striking the right balance to optimize player experience while safeguarding the operator’s interests.

This dedicated team is a driving force behind the success of our Live Betting Feature, as it ensures that our platform remains at the forefront of the industry.

Digitain’s Sportsbook, with its Live Betting Feature at its core, is a testament to our commitment to innovation and player-centric solutions. By embracing the opportunities presented by live betting, our partners can elevate their iGaming businesses and cater to the growing demand for real-time action and dynamic odds. Our Live Betting Feature empowers operators to seize limitless opportunities, captivate players, and remain competitive in an ever-changing market.

Now is the time to unlock the full potential of your sports betting platform with Digitain’s Live Betting Feature!

Download our Sportsbook leaflet now and explore the dynamic world of live betting with Digitain!

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Your iGaming Success through Digitain’s Sportsbook

26 June 2023 / Blog

In many circles of the iGaming industry across the world, the name of Sportsbook is closely associated with Digitain. With over 20 years of experience, Digitain is widely recognized as a global leader in providing cutting-edge, multi-platform, innovative Sportsbook software solutions, along with accurate data, risk management, and secure payment options.

On Digitain’s Sportsbook

Our very own, award-winning, GLI-certified Sportsbook, offered via Turnkey and API, is an exceptional sports-betting product that can meet the demanding requirements of established iGaming platforms, new ventures, online casino, and land-based sportsbook operators.

The stellar reputation of Digitain’s Sportsbook often precedes it thanks to its lush characteristics. It has been acclaimed as fully flexible, highly customizable, and feature-rich. Available through its desktop, mobile, and tablet versions, our Sportsbook comes as an omnichannel, multilingual, and multi-currency product.

Offering the Best

Digitain’s Sportsbook offers an extensive range of options. With coverage of over 100,000 live events, 70,000 monthly pre-match events, and more than 15,000 international competitions, our Sportsbook caters to a wide array of sports enthusiasts. It embraces over 100 sports, supporting 50+ languages and reaching players from 150+ countries. With instant data updates and rapid odds creation, Digitain’s Sportsbook ensures a seamless and dynamic betting experience.

Plus, with our easy-to-integrate Sportsbook platform, you’re in control of managing margins, features, risks, content, revenue performance, as well as sports stats and the taxation system. Delivering a wide selection of unique sports-betting components, Digitain’s Sportsbook is far more than just another sportsbook.

Taking Full Advantage of the Features

Our Sportsbook is packed with exciting and useful features you just can’t ignore.

Our AI-powered Personalized Recommendation Engine enhances user experience by offering events based on user behavior and speeding up the overall betting process: it is ideal for player acquisition and retention.

The one-of-a-kind, GLI-certified, One Level and Multi level Sport-Betting Jackpot utilizes an RNG-based algorithm. Providing full info on the largest and newest wins with guaranteed fairness, this fully customizable product is highly efficient for rewarding existing players and attracting new ones.

Taking Full Advantage of the Digitain’s Sportsbook Features

To boost the success of their sports-betting operations with our unrivaled Sportsbook, iGaming businesses are presented with Digitain’s lucrative offers they can benefit from anytime.

Our Sportsbook is packed with exciting offers designed to enhance the player experience. One such feature is the Sports Betting Jackpot. Sport Jackpot is a feature that gives the players an opportunity to win a Jackpot bonus for making sport bet a fully customizable and user-friendly tool that allows operators to create captivating jackpot opportunities to reward player loyalty and attract new platers. This feature not only adds an element of excitement but also keeps up with the latest developments in the iGaming industry, ensuring operators can offer engaging and trendsetting jackpot experiences. 

Then, there is the Sports Tournaments offer, designed to help sports-betting operators increase their players’ betting activity. Your iGaming venture can also benefit from our Goals Ahead Early Payout (a feature that provides the players an opportunity to get a win amount for the pre-match bets on Win 1/ Win 2 outcomes in advance if the team for which the bet is made has goals/sets or points advantage over the opponent team.), Multi-Bet Bonus (players can activate 2 types of multi-bonuses at the same time), Odds Booster (players can bet with pre-composed multi-bets and earn additional payout), Bet Race Tournament (helps sport betting operators to set player competition that will stimulate their betting activity and keep players excited) and Tournament/Event Predictor, to name a few.

Focusing on Partners

As a reputable Sportsbook provider, Digitain boasts of a partner-centric approach and commitment to personalized services. Our extensive industry experience and dedicated focus on our partners enable us to provide expert guidance and support every step of the way. We are passionate about our vision and values, ensuring our partners receive the highest level of assistance and collaboration.

We offer a range of valuable resources to support our partners’ success, including access to our comprehensive knowledge base, strategic insights, and data-driven recommendations. Our dedicated team is always available to provide personalized assistance and address any questions or concerns. Together, we can optimize your iGaming business and achieve remarkable results.

Our partners value us for our full dedication and ongoing support. We’re here to facilitate the progress and success of your iGaming business with an assigned personal account manager and full customer support available 24/7/365.

Check out Digitain’s Sportsbook page or contact us directly anytime for more detailed info on how your iGaming business can benefit from our exceptional Sportsbook.

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How to Improve the User Experience of the Sportsbook Betslip

20 June 2023 / Blog

In the world of online sports betting, a betslip functions much like a virtual shopping cart. If you’ve ever made a purchase on an e-commerce site, you’re already familiar with the concept: browse the store, add items to your cart, and proceed to checkout. Similarly, when placing bets on sporting events, bettors can explore various odds and wagers, review their betslip, and then make a decision to place the final bet. 

Understanding the Betslip 

The betslip is where bets are accumulated and can be combined to form singles, doubles, combination or multiple, and other bet types. Your players have the freedom to choose the games they want to bet on and decide whether to place individual bets or combine them for better odds and potentially higher payouts. When opting for a parlay, the betslip calculates the combined odds of all selected games, providing a clear view of potential winnings. Additionally, players can easily refer to their betslip to track all their wagered games. 

Wide Range of Betting Options 

Regardless of the games, betting types, specials, or bet builders your players select, they can add all the odds from your sportsbook to their betslip. The only task remaining is for them to choose their desired odds. They can construct, singles, doubles, trebles, combination bets and other combinations based on the available odds. For those uncertain about the outcome or margin of victory, a totals bet allows them to predict whether the combined score of both teams will be above or below the bookmakers odds. 

Taking Advantage of Specific Conditions 

Online sportsbooks enable players to bet with specific conditions. For instance, they can place a bet on the outcome of one event, with subsequent bets depending on the success of the initial one. If the first bet loses, they cannot place a second bet; if they place a third bet and it loses, the first two wagers must have won for the third one to be valid, and so on. 

Constructing and Placing Bets 

Players can conveniently build their bets on the betslip before submitting them. As soon as at least one selection is added to the betslip, all available betting options, current odds, and lines for that selection are displayed. When players are ready to place their bets and enter the stake amount for their chosen bet type, the betslip provides information on potential returns and the total cost of the bet. 

Digitain’s Betslip Solution 

Digitain’s latest version of the Betslip is a valuable addition to our comprehensive Sportsbook. It has been meticulously designed to enhance user experience and expedite the betting process. Our Betslip offers a streamlined interface, allowing users to select and edit bets in a dedicated space. It consolidates and presents all the chosen bets in one window, making them easily accessible and manageable. 

Key Features of Digitain’s Betslip include: 

  1. Improved Interface: Our Betslip features an intuitive and user-friendly interface, ensuring a seamless betting experience. 
  2. Customizable Settings: Users can easily manage their preferred settings and perform various actions, all in one place. 
  3. Enhanced User Experience: With options for both dark and light modes, our Betslip provides a visually pleasing and personalized betting environment. 
  4. Unique Features: Error notifications, motivational messages, and a system calculator add to the functionality and convenience of our Betslip. 

Furthermore, players can set their favorite bet amounts, place multiple single bets simultaneously, and utilize the cashout feature, along with the ability to edit or repeat bets within the dedicated cashout tab. 

Experience Digitain’s Award-Winning Sportsbook  

To explore the full potential of our Betslip solution, we invite you to visit Digitain’s award-winning Sportsbook webpage. There, you’ll find comprehensive information about our innovative features, cutting-edge technology, and how our solution can benefit your business. 

If you have any questions or would like more details about the latest version of our Betslip, our dedicated team is ready to assist you. Feel free to reach out to us directly, and we’ll be delighted to provide you with all the information you need to maximize your revenue through our Betslip solution. 

By utilizing a well-designed Betslip, you can significantly enhance your players’ sports betting experience and boost your revenue. The Betslip serves as a virtual record of their betting selections, allowing them to track their bets, explore various betting options, and easily manage their selections. Digitain’s Betslip offers an improved user interface, customizable settings, and unique features, ensuring a streamlined and user-friendly betting process. 

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to leverage Digitain’s Betslip and provide your players with a top-notch sports betting experience.  

Visit our Sportsbook page or get in touch with us today to discover how our Betslip solution can help you grow your revenue and exceed your players’ expectations. 

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How to Benefit From Digitain’s Sportsbook?

02 May 2023 / Blog

Any sportsbook’s success takes in-depth knowledge of how sports betting sites work and thorough understanding of what business operations within the iGaming industry are like. You need to think about a lot of different factors, including working with the best sports betting software provider, picking the finest solution for your company and making smart choices about odds compilation and marketing. While the process as a whole may appear daunting at first, with the right support and an idea of what your final product will look like, you can establish and expand your Sportsbook venture as a leader in its field.

Picking the Right Sports Betting Platform

The first step in starting a sportsbook is selecting the sports betting software you will use. Sportsbooks are typically built from the ground up by operators with extensive experience in the iGaming industry. Everything from working with a team of developers to create and manage the site to putting in place the odds, stats and payment methods is included in this. However, building a solution from scratch takes a lot of time and money. It can take a year or more to launch in-house sportsbook software.

On the other hand, most operators prefer turnkey and API solutions. These are ready-made platforms that can be easily customized and implemented into existing business models and operations. They come with built-in features that consist of a unified content management system (CMS), in-depth reporting capabilities, payment processing services, multiple language and currency support, 24/7 customer service and more.

Collaboration with the Data Supplier

Since sportsbooks cannot offer odds on games without data, data providers are crucial to the industry. To reduce the likelihood of losing a lot of money due to bad calculations or delays, you should only work with reliable data providers and sign a contract with them. However, if you’re starting from scratch with a sportsbook, there are some things to keep in mind. The first factor to consider is how trustworthy the data provider is, which includes the data’s format and delivery mechanism. You also need to check that the data is appropriate for your company and that the paperwork is clear and in order.

There are many risks to consider when running a business, but data providers also provide risk management tools to help you do so. Pricing, risk parameters, spotting fraud and abuse, as well as profiling players are just some of the many responsibilities of the risk management team.

Sports Betting Site Layout

Given its importance in making an initial impression on visitors, the front-end design is given considerable attention during the launch process. The general rule is that it needs to be quick and easy to use. Players want to be able to access all the game’s features with the click or tap of a button, so it’s important to design the interface with that in mind. If they find it too difficult to navigate, they are likely to leave.

The sportsbook’s aesthetic is also important, including its choice of colors, slogans, banners and overarching theme. Anything that stands out without being over the top will do. The mobile-friendliness of the sportsbook is also required. The vast majority of players (over 70%) now use their smartphones or tablets to place bets on the go, so a sportsbook that is slow, confusing, or not optimized for Android and iOS devices will likely see a drop in customer numbers.

Payment System Integration

The ability to process payments is a fundamental component of any online sportsbook. Payment service providers (PSPs) like e-wallets, debit/credit cards, e-checks, prepaid methods, and cryptocurrencies are essential for online gambling sites. Having a wide variety of choices available is always preferable. These PSPs need to accept a wide variety of fiat currencies and cryptocurrency options in order to help sportsbooks reach more customers in more places.

Regulations and Licenses

New sportsbooks need to be licensed and regulated from day one if they are to succeed in a competitive industry such as online gaming. Players want assurances that they are wagering in a secure setting. In light of this, iGaming businesses are pushed to secure licenses from trustworthy licensing authorities like the Malta Gaming Authority, Curaçao e-Gaming, the United Kingdom Gambling Commission and many others. Additionally, safety measures should be of the highest quality. Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption with a minimum of 128 bits and bulletproof firewalls are required. Players will feel more at ease with sportsbooks that have had their software tested and verified by reputable third-party organizations.

More Sports

You need customers placing bets on your sportsbook platform in order to make money. One strategy is to allow bets on every sport imaginable. More sports are always a plus. The difference between success and failure may also be whether or not you target specific niche markets, such as darts, politics, or entertainment.

Rewards and Promotional Methods

Sportsbooks looking to expand need well-defined marketing plans for bigger success. If you want to stand out from the crowd, you need to study the competition. In addition, advertising should be geared toward creating a recognizable brand with values that are appealing to bettors all over the world. These values should include things like fairness, safety, stability and entertainment.

The end game is to get people to visit your site. You can do this by offering a wide variety of bonuses and promotions, such as competitions, sign-up bonuses, reload bonuses, cash-back offers, free bets and more. Last but not least, it is beneficial to work with affiliate marketers to spread the word about your product and attract the attention of gamblers. These firms will use strategies like search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC) and content promotion to get the word out about your sportsbook.

Maintain a System of Referrals

Even today, word-of-mouth promotion is a powerful advertising strategy. It’s likely that the people who are interested in online sports betting will have acquaintances who share their passion. Put them to use for your own benefit. You can incentivize customer referrals in two ways: either by offering a reward to the referring customer or by providing a free bet to both the referring customer and the new customer. Depending on what you believe will inspire your clientele, you can offer them either a flat referral fee or a percentage of the money that someone deposits.

Get people to visit your site through content marketing

To expand your online sportsbook and attract more customers who are interested in placing bets, content marketing is essential. It’s a method of advertising goods and services that makes use of informative and interesting content. Use this in the promotion of your sportsbook to let people know what you’re offering and how they can benefit from it. Make sure the content you’re producing is both engaging and useful to your intended readers. The search engine optimization (SEO) of your content is also crucial to its discoverability and ranking in relevant search results.


These days, it’s less expensive and more straightforward to manage and expand a sportsbook operation. You can get started immediately after finding the appropriate sportsbook software. It gives you the tools to build and administer your site, as well as the data analysis you require. However, there is one thing that requires your focus to guarantee its success, and that is advertising.

Leverage the influence of social media

One of the greatest marketing innovations in recent memory is undoubtedly social media. Its efficiency is hard to match, whether you’re competing with a multibillion-dollar corporation or a one-person operation. Furthermore, financially, it makes a lot of sense. You can potentially reach a huge audience and fine-tune your approach. You should promote your sportsbook on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Digitain’s Sportsbook

In many circles of the iGaming industry across the world, the name of Sportsbook is closely associated with Digitain. With over 20 years of experience, Digitain is widely recognized as a global leader in providing cutting-edge, multi-platform, innovative Sportsbook software solutions, along with accurate data, risk management and secure payment options.

Our very own, award-winning, GLI-certified Sportsbook, offered via Turnkey and API, is an exceptional sports-betting product that can meet the demanding requirements of established iGaming platforms, new ventures, online casino operators and land-based sportsbook suppliers.

Check out Digitain’s Sportsbook page or contact us directly for more detailed info on how your iGaming business can benefit from our exceptional Sportsbook.

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The Best User Acquisition Strategies for Sports Betting – Part 2

09 January 2023 / Blog

Following on from part one, we take a further look at how Digital Marketing plays a huge part in user acquisition strategies for sports betting as well as other ways to enhance the user experience.

3. Email or Direct Marketing

There are plenty of pros with this strategy, as it is easy to share and measure, simple to set-up, quick to drive revenue – as well as delivering targeted messages, reaching an already engaged audience in a low-cost, effective way.

In addition, avoid bombarding your customers with emails all at once, since this may be annoying and damage trust in your business. However, there are email tools to manage such issues, such as Mail Chimp and these are readily available.

4. Customer Offers

Bonuses and Free Bets

In iGaming, one of the best methods to attract and retain customers is to provide attractive bonuses and other rewards. Sport betting fans are more likely to give your app a try if they are aware of sign-up bonuses and other rewards you might be providing. Having attractive and unique promo offers available can also set a website or an app apart from the competition..

Referral Strategy

Referral marketing has become an effective means of spreading the word about services while drawing in new customers. This can be done by creating an incentive for existing users to recommend new sports betting fans, or their friends, to join your operation by offering them a referral bonus when they do so..

5. Affiliate Marketing

To increase the number of your users, try affiliate marketing. With affiliate marketing, another online business promotes your products and solutions to their own audience, in exchange for a cut of the sales you generate via their traffic. As a business, you can do this yourself or through a specialist agency. One thing to look at for is lifetime deals, as these can tie businesses down should you want to keep refreshing the way you go about affiliate marketing.

The advantages of this strategy include:

• low ongoing costs.

• low, or non-existent risk.

• a new way of making a profit and potential passive income.

• easy setup and implementation.

• increased competitive advantage.

• networking possibilities with influencers.

• high conversion rate.

6. Content Marketing

Providing your customers with informative and entertaining information, as well as a winning range of appropriate sports events and competitive odds can create many benefits. By increasing their

knowledge, this will encourage them to participate, and ultimately increase the number of bets they place.


Podcasts are a fantastic medium through which you can create brand awareness and expose your product to a new group of users. These can be tailored to individual regions and provide in-depth coverage of sporting events and betting opportunities that are of particular interest to that region.

One of the most well-known names for this type of online sports betting software is Digitain. With our 20+ years of experience, we provide first-rate solutions to help online sports companies succeed. Our experts have been applying the most effective user acquisition strategies for years and we’d be delighted to help you with every stage of that process. You can contact us anytime via our website.

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The Best User Acquisition Strategies for Sports Betting

04 January 2023 / Blog

The meteoric rise of the iGaming market has prompted many businesses to launch their own sports betting platforms online. As the market for sports betting grows, so does the amount of competition within it. As a result, before entering this industry, you should ask yourself how your company will be different from the competition. What is going to set your company apart from rivals?

To attract new customers, you will need an effective, multi-layered marketing strategy that covers many channels. In the first part of our two-part blog outlining the best acquisition strategies, you will find the areas that you should focus on to boost your marketing approach.

1. Brand Marketing


Joint Ventures between the Media and iGaming Firms

Reputation and trust are important factors for iGaming operators, especially when new to the industry. As the sports betting industry grows, more and more media partnerships and corporate sponsorships are being signed. Partnership deals are an effective way to spread the word about new betting platforms in a market where competition is heating up, especially as the industry grows and new sources of income emerge. These deals often prove successful because they can leverage the reach of the media, harnessing the power of user databases.

Sponsorships and Brand Ambassadors

When entering a new market where your brand currently has low recognition, sponsorship of local, high-profile sports teams, and also recruitment of ex-sportsmen and women to be advocates for your brand, can be a successful way of raising awareness and generating publicity.

This marketing tactic is both good for brand recognition and trust, which also applies with the use of famous sports people as brand ambassadors. For example, Portuguese footballing legend Luis Figo joined Digitain as a brand ambassador in July 2022, boosting the company’s outreach to sports betting fans.

2. Digital Marketing


PPC Advertising (Pay per click)

Given the online nature of the industry, it’s imperative that paid search and other digital advertising methods be used to acquire customers. Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising allows you to reach your desired demographic with little outlay of resources.

Here are just seven powerful benefits of using PPC:

• PPC Contributes to Business Goals. This is often the most compelling reason to use PPC advertising
• PPC Is Measurable & Trackable
• Quick Entry
• You’re in Control
• PPC Works Well with Other Marketing Channels
• Incredible Targeting Options
• A Wealth of Marketing Data.

Programmatic Advertising

Advertising today is becoming more and more automated via programmatic advertising. With pre-programmed advertising, you may provide a set of parameters and a spending cap, and then hand over full editorial control to an AI system. It’s a very effective method of marketing that helps save time and money while yielding better results and allowing for more specific ad campaigns.

Behavior-based Marketing

This strategy is probably more effective for those focused on retention, rather than acquisition. There are plenty of benefits to this strategy to make customer relationships better.

These include:

• Better knowledge of customers
• Better segmentation
• Better customer retention
• Better anticipation of needs
• Better and speedier communication
• Better protection of data privacy.

Marketing with Influencers

Using influencers is a great way to expand your iGaming business. This can cover such aspects as brand visibility, access to new and actively engaged audiences, as well as increased income. Individuals look up to and follow influential people on social media, making influencer marketing a powerful tool for growing a business’s client base. A successful influencer marketing campaign relies on the endorsement of a well-known figure who can reach and sway the desired demographic.

Using Social Media for Promotion

Large and small companies alike now include social media, such as Twitter and Instagram, in nearly all of their overall marketing strategies. You can find and connect with your target demographic by establishing a social media presence for your sports betting app and routinely uploading content (including videos, photos, live videos, and tales) that promotes your app. Features such as call-to-action buttons, private chat, etc may help you increase your number of leads and sales.

For more information on other excellent acquisition strategies, read more in our part two blog.

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Top Tips to Be a World Cup Winner!

15 November 2022 / Blog

The FIFA 2022 World Cup in Qatar promises to be a festival of football as well as a global betting bonanza.

Sportsbook operators who plan ahead can make the most of this exciting opportunity, delight their existing players and also look to recruit a whole new group of customers, possibly inspired to open an account and have a bet on their national teams.

Failing to prepare, is preparing to fail – so here’s our 7 Top Tips for having a successful World Cup Tournament.

Lock it down

Ensure that everything on your site, mobile or otherwise, is working to maximum effectiveness. Expect to see record traffic, especially in the group stages when players can bet on four lives games per day, so your sportsbook needs to run like a well-oiled machine. Make sure all your teams are fully staffed and absolutely focused on the user experience being delivered. Have a development / release freeze at least a week before the tournament and ensure no planned changes are made to the operation and the technology.

Content IS king

Make sure you “signpost” daily the key matches taking place, as well as the key betting opportunities. Expect to see registrations from more recreational players, driven by the TV and media coverage of the event.

Bets on the Group Winners and to Win the Tournament are often driven by patriotism, and some good results, so make sure these can be found easily.

As well as providing lots of betting events, give players additional, added-value content to enhance their experience. Information such as squad and team selection, live updates and real-time animations: perfect for a mobile first audience.

Sell the sizzle…

The tournament is a great opportunity to recruit new players to your platform. Your marketing strategy needs to be planned well in advance, focusing on activities where you are strongest. Look to drive recruitment through attractive odds, free bet offers and compelling, professional daily (if not even more frequently) communication

2022 – the first proper “social media” World Cup?

The potential for positive social media impact on your revenues for World Cup 2022 is huge. It is worth having full-time representation on the key channels locally, monitoring activity, responding to player questions and promoting exciting betting opportunities. Develop and deliver a strategy, don’t wait until the day to decide. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or Pinterest – whichever you choose, make sure you have a plan and deliver with enthusiasm and creativity.

Bonuses and promotions work

Don’t forget your loyal players. Make sure you plan for activity to retain and to reactivate these important segments of your database. It is always more effective to successfully get a player to re-engage with the brand, than to recruit a brand-new customer.

Betting tournaments are a great way to drive and reward loyalty, so make sure these are part of your plans.

Once again, frequent, useful communication with your customer base, highlighting reasons for them to re-visit, must be planned and executed with skill and flair. Use bonuses and free bets to encourage return visits.

It matters more when there’s money on it!

There will be so much competing activity in your market for the FIFA 2022 World Cup – operators will need to stand-out. Be different, resist competing solely on the odds you provide and consider the overall player experience you deliver.

At Digitain we have developed some unique betting markets to help our operators stand out in the local regions. Offer some of these great offers, such as Goals Ahead Early Payout, Odds Booster, and other special markets, to engage, delight and drive loyalty.

Engagement tools, such as a World Cup predictor, is another marvelous opportunity to promote your brand and both recruit and retain valuable players into your business.


Go big, or go home…

You’re in the betting business, so make sure you have an unbeatable range of pre-game and live betting events on this fantastic tournament. Where you can, promote your local international teams competing. Settle bets accurately and speedily – this aspect of the service is a real “moment of truth” for players, whether established or new.

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The World Cup Qatar 2022: What to Expect

21 October 2022 / Blog

The most anticipated sporting event of 2022, the FIFA World Cup in Qatar, is going to be the 22nd iteration of the tournament and the first to be held in the Arab world. Usually known as a summer event, this year’s World Cup has been shifted to the cooler months of November and December due to the excessive heat that occurs throughout the summer. The tournament will spread over 29 days, from 20th November to 18th December, with the final being set for Qatar’s National Day. The organisers assert that this will be a unique world-class football competition unlike any other. 


Due to Qatar’s location, the tournament will be more accessible than ever: the majority of the world’s population can reach the World Cup site in Qatar within a single day. Fans may use it as a jumping-off point to explore the surrounding area before, during and after the event. Due to the small size of Qatar, spectators will have the opportunity to see more than one game every day.  They just need to arrive at one airport, without having to change hotels for the duration of the competition. It also gives players a welcome break from the grind of the road and lets them focus on their preparation and recovery rather than logistics. 


They say the World Cup is not all about football. At its core, the World Cup is an emotion. The happiness and unity felt by those present reaches and cheers many more people watching the event at home. Stadiums get transformed into vibrant centres of activity. The event elevates what would otherwise be a simple football competition. It’s the people that make the World Cup what it is, the ones that show up to take part in the experience, soak up the atmosphere, and provide their own vibe and colouring. 


It is expected that over 1.5 million fans will show up during the course of the tournament’s 28 days. However, there are only around 175,000 hotel rooms for tourists. The sum includes conventional two- to five-star hotels as well as serviced flats and villas, all of which will be overseen by a team of 10,000 people. As for the variety of lodging options, the organisers have tried to be quite inventive: two luxury cruise ships, known as floating hotels, will be stationed in Doha Port, offering a total of 4,000 guest rooms during the tournament. Fans may also take advantage of the fan villages with tent and cabin accommodations. Alternatively, they can stay in the nearby United Arab Emirates and take the quick journey to Doha from Dubai (just 70 minutes). 


A Hayya Card will be required of all spectators, both local and foreign. It will act as a form of identification for fans, the match ticket to enter the stadium, as well as a pass for free bus, subway and tram rides on game days. 


The eight venues for the 2022 World Cup will be spread among five cities: Lusail, Al Khor, Al Rayyan, Al Wakrah, and Doha – all conveniently located near one another. The tournament’s eight stadiums have all been purpose-built and are ready to go, with the 80,000-person capacity Lusail Stadium serving as the tournament’s crown jewel and hosting the final. The furthest stadium is located 75 kilometers (46 miles) away, within a 1-hour journey, while the closest one is just 5 kilometers (3.1 miles) and 5 minutes away. 

All the 64 tournament matches will be held at the following 8 venues: 

  • Al Bayt Stadium,  
  • Khalifa International Stadium,  
  • Al Thumama Stadium,  
  • Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium,  
  • Lusail Stadium,  
  • Stadium 974,  
  • Education City Stadium  
  • Al Janoub Stadium. 


The FIFA World Cup schedule will allow for enough time for the teams to recover between games. Each of the 12 days of the group stage will include four matches, ensuring that spectators will really feel as part of the competition. They’ll never have to go more than a few blocks to reach a stadium, fan zone, or other tourist destination. 

Here is the schedule: 

  • 20th November – 2nd December 2: the group phase matches 
  • 3rd –  6th December: the knockout phase with the Round of 16 
  • 9th – 10th December: the quarter-finals 
  • 13th – 14th December: the semi-finals 
  • 17th December: play-off for the third place 
  • 18th December: the World Cup 2002 final 

 See the full World Cup match schedule here. 


Of course, the World Cup is expected to be set ablaze by our favourite football superstars, such Harry Kane (England), Lionel Messi (Argentina), Kylian Mbappé and Karim Benzema (France), Robert Lewandowski (Poland) and Kevin De Bruyne (Belgium). Alongside these veterans, look for a slew of up-and-coming young talents, from Bukayo Saka and Phil Foden (England) to Jamal Musiala (Germany), Pedri (Spain), Ryan Gravenberch (Netherlands), Alphonso Davies (Canada) and many more. 


All 32 teams, including the host country, have officially qualified for the World Cup 2022 in Qatar. The intercontinental playoff winners took the remaining two spots. In addition to Qatar, 13 European countries qualified for the tournament, as did four from South America, four from Asia, five from Africa, four from North America, and Australia, which is a part of the Asian confederation. 

World Cup Qatar 2022 groups: 

  • Group A: Qatar, Ecuador, Senegal and Netherlands  
  • Group B: England, IR Iran, USA and Wales  
  • Group C: Argentina, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Poland  
  • Group D: France, Australia, Denmark and Tunisia  
  • Group E: Spain, Costa Rica, Germany and Japan  
  • Group F: Belgium, Canada, Morocco and Croatia  
  • Group G: Brazil, Serbia, Switzerland and Cameroon  
  • Group H: Portugal, Ghana, Uruguay and Korea Republic  


FIFA will be in charge of all ticket sales for the event.

Last-minute purchases are also available on a first-come-first-served basis. 

Overall, the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022TM is planned as an all-ages, family-friendly event that fuses traditional Qatari and Arab hospitality with cutting-edge spectator and player experiences to create a one-of-a-kind event. 


The World Cup 2022 period promises to be hyperactively projected on the world of online sports betting. Digitain’s award-winning Sportsbook, packed with impressive features and captivating add-ons, is the best platform and tool to make the most of this special period in sports history. If you’re involved in or operate an iGaming business, now is the time to benefit from our feature-rich, AI-powered, innovative Sportsbook, as well as boosting your player acquisition and retention throughout the World Cup 2022 phase. Contact us for more details. 

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Top 20 Tips on How to Choose a Sportsbook Provider

01 August 2022 / Blog

One of the most critical things you’ll need when starting or expanding your own iGaming company is a reliable sportsbook software provider. When it comes to online betting, sportsbook software is the foundation of your operation.  

If you’re looking for a Sportsbook software provider, there are several factors to consider. Listed here are the essential twenty tips on how to go about choosing the right Sportsbook provider. 

1. Company Reputation 

To avoid working with an unreliable provider, company reputation is critical. How long has the company been in business? Have their clients been satisfied? A strong reputation will tell you all this and more! Google and other search engines may be used to get evaluations of sportsbook software providers. Examining user and professional reviews is also a good idea.  

2. Licensing 

You must verify that the software provider has a government licence to sell you their product legally. They can’t stay in business for long if they don’t have a licence to operate. 

3. Feature-Rich 

There’s no need in wasting your time and effort if the provider simply offers basic characteristics. Be sure to look into the features they have to offer before making any purchasing selections. 

4. Experience and History 

You want to make sure your software provider is up to date on the latest developments in the Sportsbook sector. On top of that, sports betting software providers should be able to easily prove their background and work history. 

5. Market Diversity 

High-quality sportsbooks will offer more diverse markets. Apart from apparent winning choices, there should be a slew of secondary markets available. Look for a sportsbook software provider that offers market diversity. 

6. Exceptional Proposition 

Most providers offer identical features and services. But do your best to find one that can give you a unique sportsbook software package with advanced functionalities, extra features and exceptional user experience. 

7. Security 

Make sure your provider’s software is safe and secure so that no one can hack into your system or get their hands on personal data. If you accept credit card payments, this is critical since stolen credit cards may be used to defraud your clients’ bank accounts. 

8. Sports Variety 

A competent sportsbook provider’s software will come with a variety of sports for betting. Football (soccer), American football, baseball, and basketball, as well as such popular sports as hockey, cricket, snooker, and golf. 

9. Scalability 

Scalability is key when it comes to software. For example, your site should be accessible to huge numbers of players without any issues. Can the sportsbook software handle a huge number of transactions per second (TPS)? In the event of any scalability concerns, you may be at risk of losing customers and revenue. 

10. Personalised Interface 

In order to draw in new customers, sportsbooks should avoid employing the same template design as other websites. A good sportsbook attracts new players and keeps current ones engaged if it has a custom-designed, personalised website to help you appear different and unique. So, look for a sportsbook provider that can offer interface customisation.  

11. Region Specifics 

Find a provider with a platform that meets your location preferences. 

  • Geo-Dependency 

If you’re going to have a successful sportsbook, you need to make sure the software you’re using is geo-dependent. If your website can only be seen by players in one specific country, you’ll be unable to expand your player base outside that country’s borders. As an alternative, if your platform is available internationally, you’ll have the ability to draw players from all over the globe, thus boosting your potential to generate more money with your Sportsbook over time. 

  • Localisation 

The term “localisation” refers to the process of making your website accessible in a variety of languages and currencies. Because it enables you to reach a wider audience and expand your company more quickly, localisation is essential. If you’re searching for a one-stop shop for sportsbook software, find a company that offers localisation as part of their offering. 

12. Marketing Tools 

With a solid sportsbook software, you should be able to send out email campaigns, manage your social media accounts as well as incorporate it into your website. Your website’s traffic and client base will grow as a result of the use of these tools. 

13. Integration 

Make sure your sportsbook software can integrate with other platforms such as WordPress or Shopify, so that you can make adjustments if required, without having technical expertise. 

14. Admin Panel / Backoffice 

Your sportsbook software’s administrative panel, or backoffice, serves as the heart of the system. All of your betting options, player accounts and a lot more may be set up here. So, make sure your admin or backoffice area is simple to navigate and utilise.  

15. Mobile Friendliness and Cross-Platform Compatibility 

Mobile-friendly sportsbooks are becoming more important as the digital age is ever-evolving. Aim at a sportsbook provider that will have a mobile-friendly solution. 

It is necessary, however, that the software can run on all platforms and devices. Playing on a tablet should be no different than playing on a computer at home. A sportsbook’s design must be responsive and device-adjustable, so that you neither disappoint players with desktop computers nor those with mobile devices. 

16. Risk Management 

A sportsbook’s risk management strategy is critical. This could lead to long-term problems if the sportsbook does not properly manage its risks. Look for a reputable sportsbook that can guarantee its players’ peace of mind with a high degree of risk management. Proper encryption, authorisation and password protection are just a few of the requirements. 

17. Odds Management 

Odds management should be your first consideration when selecting a sportsbook software provider. The activity takes place in the odds management system, and that’s where the money is to be made. Take a look at these features to make sure you’re getting a decent deal on odds and that your players get paid on time: 

  • Low winning bet margins, 
  • A high return on investment (ROI), 
  • Payouts processed automatically. 

18. Payment Methods 

Payouts should be fast and secure if you’re using a top-notch sportsbook software system. As long as the sportsbook accepts credit cards and e-wallets for payment, it should be a viable option for players. Keeping in mind that iGaming rules vary from country to country, the sportsbook software provider has to collaborate with organisations that can execute transactions in various locations. All transactions involving player funds should be simple and convenient for users. Because it boosts their faith in your site, it’s crucial that the sportsbook software enables players to withdraw their money as easily as possible after placing a wager. 

19. Promotions & Bonuses 

A solid sportsbook software should reward new players, frequent players, and long-term clients with bonuses. With a large variety of betting possibilities and promos, the sportsbook software must also provide a variety of live streaming alternatives so that you can watch your favourite sports while placing bets on them! 

20. Customer Support 

The Sportsbook software you go for needs to have a 24/7 customer service that can deal with your players’ queries and resolve issues as they arise, so that players don’t lose their enthusiasm or get dissatisfied. Alternatively, the Sportsbook provider should be able to give you all the tools you need to run a great Customer Support team of your own. Players will have greater confidence in your platform if they know they can contact you for assistance and that you will respond quickly if anything goes wrong. This will help you develop trust with your customers. 

In comes Digitain’s Sportsbook 

The 20-year-old Sportsbook software provider Digitain is known for its vast experience, excellent reputation, as well as best-of-breed turnkey and API solutions. Primarily focused on the regulated European market, the company aims to expand its geographical footprint into the Americas and Asia. It provides its customers with a one-stop shop through more than 700 of the finest trading minds in the gaming industry (part of a wider workforce of over 1,700 staff). 

Digitain’s award-winning, mobile-friendly, multi-channel Sportsbook comes with all the vital components to guarantee long-term success and profitability. This GLI-certified, multi-channel software covers 100 sports, taking in 15,000 leagues, and offers more than 3,000 betting markets. It also offers odds on 90,000 live events each month.  

Our Sportsbook contains an AI-powered product recommendation engine, a 2-goal early payment promotion, an Odds Feed, our Sportsbook Jackpot, our Live Score and Stats module, a Live Match Tracker, and an upgraded Betslip. Digitain’s Sportsbook is offered via Turnkey and API, is available on desktop, mobile, and the web, and it comes with a complete retail solution for land-based operators, POS terminals, USSD and SMS betting.     

To find out more about Digitain and its very own Sportsbook, visit us here or contact us here. 

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Sports Betting Revolution: What to Consider When Choosing Sportsbook Software

27 December 2020 / Blog

Are you planning to start your betting business from the bottom up and not 100 % clear how to get started? Choosing an effective sports betting software solution is an important part of the puzzle.    

Fortunately, the sports gaming industry is evolving quickly, giving a wide scope of opportunities to succeed in this sector. However, in the extremely competitive market, it is becoming harder and harder to choose the best software provider that can meet all your expectations. In any case, there are some key factors to be considered while opting for sportsbook software.      

Develop your own identity: Customized features and Individual interface     

Betting operators’ business success can often depend on the well-chosen and accurately integrated sportsbook. Having an individually designed platform that attracts sports bettors of different ages and with diverse interests, is of special importance. So, it is smarter to choose established providers that offer sports betting software with a functional and easy-to-use interface, multiplatform options, and mobile capability.      

Today, many betting operators seek to develop their own identity. The best software suppliers consider this primary requirement, and along with template-based solutions, also offer customized betting products that will meet current and potential partners’ motivations and purposes. It is important for the suppliers to hand over flexible and user-friendly sports betting software products with a responsive, outstanding design that is compatible with all advanced platforms and devices.      

Ideally, sports betting software providers should meet the most sophisticated requirements of already existing platforms, start-ups, online casino operators, and land-based sportsbook vendors.     

One of the reasons why Digitain’s  Sportsbook is so popular is that it is customizable and responsive across all channels. Our Sportsbook can be integrated into all platforms and can be available for desktop, mobile as well as for native applications of Android and iOS. We can also provide sports betting software to the land-based operations in different modifications depending on the market specifications and localization requirements.      

Mobile capability – speed and functionality       

The mobile revolution in recent years has changed consumers behaviour and expectations in different spheres and online betting industry is no exception. The current saturation of broadband, different tablets, and smartphones impact on the iGaming market has changed not only the final users’ requirements but also make providers and operators evolve to meet the players’ expectations all over the globe.   

So, it is essential for the sports betting software suppliers to cover not only the traditional platforms but cater to the players who use mobile devices.  Most users prefer functional mobile applications instead of the web interface, considering them more friendly in terms of speed, functionality, and design. Even if you have a flexible web platform that supports different screen sizes, you cannot manage without engaging and functional mobile applications.      

At Digitain we accept the challenges of the modern world and turn them into opportunities. Our sports betting software offers both web mobile version and native mobile applications for iOS and Android. Being individually developed for each operating system, the applications manage to deliver a high level of operational efficiency on devices. The specifics of each platform have been explored in detail during the development process. Supporting the full range of Digitain’s sportsbook functionalities, its mobile applications are also equipped with specific features that ensure a higher user-engagement level.    

Geo – dependency and localizations      

Currently, the betting software products are extremely popular worldwide, and it is essential for the software providing companies to localize them for different markets. One of the most important requirements is to have an interface in simple language and a platform that allows users to bet on local teams and leagues. To localize the product, the software must support systems that determine the user’s location and favoured interface language. Localizing software, nevertheless, is a far more systematic process than just adapting some words or changing some visuals. Each culture has its own specifics and in order to reach the target audience, the sportsbook must speak its users’ language.     

Digitain’s Sportsbook is highly flexible in terms of localization. It is not only about the language varieties but also about the localized content, layouts, features, and functionalities that are developed for specific markets. So, we can offer a specific view or layout for an Asian or African market or a standard solution for the operators across Europe or Latin America.      

Risk & Fraud Management    

Another significant element of a successful sports betting business is a well-thought risk management strategy. Along with the best player experience, the betting operator should be able to manage the risks.   

The betting industry is mostly driven by new technologies, products, and players’ behaviour. Risk management needs to be in constant development to help businesses to stay competitive in the market. Particularly, effective risk and fraud management provides the ability to analyse players and their behaviour and to act accordingly to avoid losses and to boost profits. The best sports betting software providers are the ones that have good player risk management tools.    

 We have over 700 traders and risk managers at Digitain. All our odds and match markets are calculated, compiled and monitored in-house by our trading team ensuring robust risk management and a healthy margin for our partners’ sportsbooks.   

Variety of payment options      

Nowadays, when practically everything around is digitalized, every betting operator should keep in mind that the best sportsbook software solution allows different payment options for the players wherever they might be.  Some might prefer to pay through bank cards, e-wallets, or bank transfers, while others might want to pay with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.      

Working with outstanding payment solution providers, Digitain offers its partners over 130 payment options to accept deposits, transfers, and withdrawals for digital gaming via a single wallet solution. Moreover, our partners are equipped with the latest easy-to-use technologies designed to implement secure online transactions.    

B2B support and dedicated customer service       

It is safe to say that sportsbooks are currently expected to be the force that moves the whole betting service on different platforms and channels. In addition to getting a solid sportsbook software that makes betting possible and enjoyable, it is also important for the betting business to get a solid B2B support from the software provider. Sports betting operators can get different questions from their users and if they can provide an accurate and immediate answer to each question, they will be viewed as more reliable. 

A trustworthy sports betting software provider is the one that is available 24/7, speaks its partner’s language, and is willing to provide them with complete, high-quality, and multichannel support instantly.      

At Digitain we understand that all the partners have unique business models and requirements. We value their time and loyalty. Therefore, each of our partners is equipped with top-quality, real-time, and multi-language support.       

Continuous improvement is the key to success       

Even the ideally developed software solutions need continuous improvements. This is what we call a key to success. Striving for perfection is a moving force, however achieving perfection is not an end -result, but a process.      

 At Digitain we periodically look at the performance of the Sportsbook features, receive insights from the data, analyse them, and accordingly change, upgrade or even completely modify the features. We follow our roadmap to enhance the Sportsbook, paying extra attention to all the measures that need to be taken for the security and stability of the product.    

We constantly follow up on the trends and updates in the industry. The insights that we get from our partners and competitors, our own experience and research, as well as the expansion in various markets inspire us to do more. We are convinced that there is still a lot to do for the World’s Sportsbook and it is an ongoing, never-ending process.      

In case you want to explore more about  Digitain’s  Sportsbook software solution, please  Contact Us     

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