Sports Betting Revolution: What to Consider When Choosing Sportsbook Software


Are you planning to start your betting business from the bottom up and not 100 % clear how to get started? Choosing an effective sports betting software solution is an important part of the puzzle.    

Fortunately, the sports gaming industry is evolving quickly, giving a wide scope of opportunities to succeed in this sector. However, in the extremely competitive market, it is becoming harder and harder to choose the best software provider that can meet all your expectations. In any case, there are some key factors to be considered while opting for sportsbook software.      

Develop your own identity: Customized features and Individual interface     

Betting operators’ business success can often depend on the well-chosen and accurately integrated sportsbook. Having an individually designed platform that attracts sports bettors of different ages and with diverse interests, is of special importance. So, it is smarter to choose established providers that offer sports betting software with a functional and easy-to-use interface, multiplatform options, and mobile capability.      

Today, many betting operators seek to develop their own identity. The best software suppliers consider this primary requirement, and along with template-based solutions, also offer customized betting products that will meet current and potential partners’ motivations and purposes. It is important for the suppliers to hand over flexible and user-friendly sports betting software products with a responsive, outstanding design that is compatible with all advanced platforms and devices.      

Ideally, sports betting software providers should meet the most sophisticated requirements of already existing platforms, start-ups, online casino operators, and land-based sportsbook vendors.     

One of the reasons why Digitain’s  Sportsbook is so popular is that it is customizable and responsive across all channels. Our Sportsbook can be integrated into all platforms and can be available for desktop, mobile as well as for native applications of Android and iOS. We can also provide sports betting software to the land-based operations in different modifications depending on the market specifications and localization requirements.      

Mobile capability – speed and functionality       

The mobile revolution in recent years has changed consumers behaviour and expectations in different spheres and online betting industry is no exception. The current saturation of broadband, different tablets, and smartphones impact on the iGaming market has changed not only the final users’ requirements but also make providers and operators evolve to meet the players’ expectations all over the globe.   

So, it is essential for the sports betting software suppliers to cover not only the traditional platforms but cater to the players who use mobile devices.  Most users prefer functional mobile applications instead of the web interface, considering them more friendly in terms of speed, functionality, and design. Even if you have a flexible web platform that supports different screen sizes, you cannot manage without engaging and functional mobile applications.      

At Digitain we accept the challenges of the modern world and turn them into opportunities. Our sports betting software offers both web mobile version and native mobile applications for iOS and Android. Being individually developed for each operating system, the applications manage to deliver a high level of operational efficiency on devices. The specifics of each platform have been explored in detail during the development process. Supporting the full range of Digitain’s sportsbook functionalities, its mobile applications are also equipped with specific features that ensure a higher user-engagement level.    

Geo – dependency and localizations      

Currently, the betting software products are extremely popular worldwide, and it is essential for the software providing companies to localize them for different markets. One of the most important requirements is to have an interface in simple language and a platform that allows users to bet on local teams and leagues. To localize the product, the software must support systems that determine the user’s location and favoured interface language. Localizing software, nevertheless, is a far more systematic process than just adapting some words or changing some visuals. Each culture has its own specifics and in order to reach the target audience, the sportsbook must speak its users’ language.     

Digitain’s Sportsbook is highly flexible in terms of localization. It is not only about the language varieties but also about the localized content, layouts, features, and functionalities that are developed for specific markets. So, we can offer a specific view or layout for an Asian or African market or a standard solution for the operators across Europe or Latin America.      

Risk & Fraud Management    

Another significant element of a successful sports betting business is a well-thought risk management strategy. Along with the best player experience, the betting operator should be able to manage the risks.   

The betting industry is mostly driven by new technologies, products, and players’ behaviour. Risk management needs to be in constant development to help businesses to stay competitive in the market. Particularly, effective risk and fraud management provides the ability to analyse players and their behaviour and to act accordingly to avoid losses and to boost profits. The best sports betting software providers are the ones that have good player risk management tools.    

 We have over 700 traders and risk managers at Digitain. All our odds and match markets are calculated, compiled and monitored in-house by our trading team ensuring robust risk management and a healthy margin for our partners’ sportsbooks.   

Variety of payment options      

Nowadays, when practically everything around is digitalized, every betting operator should keep in mind that the best sportsbook software solution allows different payment options for the players wherever they might be.  Some might prefer to pay through bank cards, e-wallets, or bank transfers, while others might want to pay with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.      

Working with outstanding payment solution providers, Digitain offers its partners over 130 payment options to accept deposits, transfers, and withdrawals for digital gaming via a single wallet solution. Moreover, our partners are equipped with the latest easy-to-use technologies designed to implement secure online transactions.    

B2B support and dedicated customer service       

It is safe to say that sportsbooks are currently expected to be the force that moves the whole betting service on different platforms and channels. In addition to getting a solid sportsbook software that makes betting possible and enjoyable, it is also important for the betting business to get a solid B2B support from the software provider. Sports betting operators can get different questions from their users and if they can provide an accurate and immediate answer to each question, they will be viewed as more reliable. 

A trustworthy sports betting software provider is the one that is available 24/7, speaks its partner’s language, and is willing to provide them with complete, high-quality, and multichannel support instantly.      

At Digitain we understand that all the partners have unique business models and requirements. We value their time and loyalty. Therefore, each of our partners is equipped with top-quality, real-time, and multi-language support.       

Continuous improvement is the key to success       

Even the ideally developed software solutions need continuous improvements. This is what we call a key to success. Striving for perfection is a moving force, however achieving perfection is not an end -result, but a process.      

 At Digitain we periodically look at the performance of the Sportsbook features, receive insights from the data, analyse them, and accordingly change, upgrade or even completely modify the features. We follow our roadmap to enhance the Sportsbook, paying extra attention to all the measures that need to be taken for the security and stability of the product.    

We constantly follow up on the trends and updates in the industry. The insights that we get from our partners and competitors, our own experience and research, as well as the expansion in various markets inspire us to do more. We are convinced that there is still a lot to do for the World’s Sportsbook and it is an ongoing, never-ending process.      

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