The Future is Omnichannel: Digitain’s Full Turnkey Solution for Betting Websites

30 June 2023 / Blog

In today’s rapidly evolving iGaming landscape, staying ahead of the competition requires embracing innovative approaches that enhance user experiences and maximize revenue opportunities. One such approach that has gained significant traction is omnichannel betting – the integration of multiple channels to create a seamless and immersive betting experience for users. In this article, we will delve into the world of omnichannel betting and explore its profound impact on the iGaming industry. From bridging the gap between online and offline experiences to the benefits it brings to operators and users alike, we will shed light on Digitain’s comprehensive turnkey solution and how it revolutionizes the way betting websites engage with their audience.

Bridging the Gap: Omnichannel Platforms in Latin America

Latin America is emerging as a dynamic market for omnichannel platforms in the online gaming industry. With its diverse population and growing digital connectivity, the region presents a unique opportunity for operators to bridge the gap between online and offline experiences. Omnichannel platforms in Latin America offer users the flexibility to seamlessly switch between websites, mobile apps, and retail locations, ensuring a consistent betting experience across multiple touchpoints. This approach not only enhances user engagement but also enables operators to tap into a wider audience and boost revenue. By embracing omnichannel platforms, operators in Latin America are setting the stage for a new era of immersive and inclusive betting experiences.

Why Omnichannel Betting is an Untapped Opportunity for Operators  

Omnichannel betting presents an untapped opportunity for operators in the online gaming industry. By leveraging the power of multiple channels, operators can create a seamless and interconnected betting ecosystem. There are various benefits of omnichannel betting, such as reaching a wider audience, providing a consistent and personalized betting experience across platforms, and maximizing player engagement. Additionally, it explores the potential for operators to leverage advanced technologies and data analytics to optimize their omnichannel strategies. By tapping into this lucrative opportunity, operators can stay ahead of the competition and thrive in the ever-evolving iGaming landscape.

Digitain – Opening an Omnichannel iGaming Planet for Clients

Digitain is transforming the iGaming industry through its innovative omnichannel approach. By seamlessly integrating online portals, mobile apps, and physical retail locations, Digitain offers operators the ability to deliver a unified and engaging betting experience. With advanced technology and a diverse portfolio of products, Digitain’s omnichannel platform unlocks new opportunities for operators and enhances player satisfaction.

Integrated Experience

Digitain bridges the gap between online and retail betting, providing players with a seamless transition across channels. The platform ensures consistent gameplay, personalized promotions, and secure transactions, eliminating fragmented user journeys.

Technological Advancements

Digitain’s commitment to technological innovation is evident through features like seamless wallet integration and real-time data synchronization. These advancements enhance the player experience and equip operators with robust tools for player management and business intelligence.

Diverse iGaming Portfolio

Digitain offers an extensive range of games, virtual sports, and live dealer experiences, providing players with captivating visuals and realistic 3D animations. The platform supports multi-language and multi-currency options, catering to global markets.

Driving Business Growth

Digitain empowers operators with player acquisition and retention tools, comprehensive back-office management, and customizable reporting and analytics. This suite of services enables operators to drive business growth and optimize performance.

Thus, Digitain’s omnichannel approach revolutionizes the iGaming industry by delivering a seamless and immersive betting experience. With advanced technology and business empowerment tools, Digitain sets the standard for success in the evolving iGaming landscape.

What is Omni-Channel iGaming, and its Importance for Lottery Operators?

Lottery operators are also embracing the omnichannel approach to enhance their offerings. With the rise of online gaming during the pandemic, integrating the two channels has become crucial for lottery operators. By adopting an Omni-Channel approach, operators can provide a unified identity for customers across platforms, allowing them to switch seamlessly between online and offline experiences. This not only enhances the customer experience but also maximizes revenue potential by targeting all player segments. Additionally, an Omni-Channel strategy reduces operational costs through self-service models and improves service experiences. Upgrading to an Omni-Channel system presents an opportunity for lottery operators to expand their market reach, improve upsell opportunities, and reduce customer churn and acquisition costs. 

Omnichannel Investments Make a Winning Hand for Gaming’s Pandemic Recovery

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the need for omnichannel investments in the iGaming industry. Omnichannel strategies have played a crucial role in the industry’s recovery during and after the pandemic. As the industry rebounds, Omni-Channel investments have become essential for sustainable growth and resilience. By embracing this transformative strategy, operators can create a winning hand and emerge stronger in the post-pandemic era.

 Digitain, as a leading provider of iGaming solutions, has recognized the importance of offering a full turnkey solution that embraces the omnichannel approach. From a user-friendly website to feature-rich mobile applications and engaging retail locations, Digitain’s platform ensures that users can seamlessly transition between channels while enjoying consistent and high-quality gameplay.

The benefits of adopting an omnichannel approach are substantial. Operators can enhance customer engagement by providing a seamless user experience across multiple touchpoints. Users can start placing bets on their favorite sports events through the website, continue the excitement on their mobile devices while on the go, and even visit a retail location to experience the thrill in a social setting. This versatility not only caters to different user preferences but also increases customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Furthermore, the omnichannel approach expands the market reach for operators. By embracing both online and offline channels, operators can tap into a wider audience and attract customers who prefer different betting experiences. The ability to reach users through their preferred channels increases the potential for customer acquisition and revenue generation.

The future of the iGaming industry lies in the seamless integration of multiple channels, and the omnichannel approach paves the way for operators to revolutionize their offerings. By leveraging Digitain’s full turnkey solution, operators can stay ahead of the curve, deliver amazing user experiences, and achieve remarkable results.

The future is omnichannel, and Digitain is leading the way towards a transformative and rewarding iGaming experience!

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5 Advantages of Turnkey Sports Betting Solutions

30 March 2021 / Blog

Are you interested in starting your iGaming business based on the Turnkey Sports Betting Solution and are not 100% clear what are the benefits of the Turnkey approach?    

Here are 5 advantages of Turnkey Sports Betting Solutions you should know before running an online gaming operation.  

  • Business Ownership and Full control over the product   
  • Customizable front end and unique interface
  • On – demand content capability
  • Variety of payment methods
  • Dedicated B2B support and customer care

Business ownership and full control over the betting platform   

The first and the most significant advantage of the Turnkey Sports Betting Solution is the business ownership capability. This means that by starting your online sports betting business on a Turnkey basis you get your own iGaming business license and take the project into your full ownership. This allows you to take control over your business absolutely independently. With the Turnkey solution, you can also fully develop your business strategy, branding, marketing, and promotional activities, manage competitiveness in the industry, and control risks. So, it is quite important to select an experienced and competent sports betting solution provider ready to meet all your individual business ideas and requirements.   

With Digitain, a Turnkey approach for your iGaming operation will be more productive and quicker to market, as well as meeting any custom requirements that an operator may have, such as design, branding, localization, payments, customer journey and many more. An operators own technology team can be involved in the betting software development process at any stage of the project. Plus, even the operational services can be both taken in house and outsourced depending on the choice of the operators.     


Customizable front-end and unique interface    

Currently, many betting operators tend to create their own business identity – an individually developed betting platform that can engage players of different ages and with various sports interests. The turnkey approach is the ideal solution for iGaming businesses to develop their own betting operation according to their brand purposes and vision. In this way, they can get a customizable front end and tailored betting software with a functional and unique interface, specific market-oriented view for each region, advanced features, flexible tools and multichannel options.   


One of the reasons why Digitain’s Turnkey Sportsbook Software is in high demand is that it is tailor-made and responsive across all channels. Moreover, our Turnkey Sportsbook can be integrated into all platforms, can be available for desktop, mobile and native applications of Android and iOS and also can meet market specifications and localization requirements.  


On-demand content 

One of the key factors for a successful iGaming business operation is the quantity and quality of content. Obtaining Turnkey sportsbook software from an experienced provider gives you an opportunity to choose your preferred content and diversity of sports from the rich portfolio available. Each sports category can include various tournaments from events in different countries and from different leagues. The diversity of sports is worth considering as the various types of sports ensure that iGaming operators can attract a more extensive fanbase than the fans of the most common sports. The advantage of the Turnkey sportsbook approach is it allows you to select from a comprehensive variety of sports provided by the sports betting solutions supplier and obtain in-demand sports content.    


Variety of payment methods   

In this digitalized world it is crucial for operators to have sports betting software that allows multiple currencies and various payment options for the players regardless of their location. Many operators consider this a must-have option as today users can prefer to use a selection of payment methods such as e-wallets, bank transfers or cards or even cryptocurrencies.

Cooperating with top-notch payment solution suppliers, Digitain’s sports betting software offers over 130 payment options to accept deposits, transfers, and withdrawals for digital gaming via a single wallet solution. With the Turnkey sportsbook software our partners can choose both from the existing payment methods in our payment gateway and have direct contracts with payments systems they prefer and integrate them into our platform.    


Dedicated B2B support and customer care   

Along with getting reliable sportsbook software that can make the betting process both accessible and entertaining, it is also important for the betting business to get reliable customer support from the software supplier. Another key advantage of the Turnkey software solution is that it includes solid B2B customer care. IGaming operators can receive various questions from the players, so, it is important for them to provide prompt answers to all questions, in order to engender trust and efficiency.

A trustworthy Turnkey sports betting software supplier is available at any time of the day, understands its partners’ needs, speaks their language, and is competent to provide them with complete, first-rate, and multichannel support instantly.   

 At Digitain, we know that all the partners who have selected the Turnkey approach for their betting operations have special business models and requirements. We value their time and loyalty and equip them with dedicated, real-time, and multi-language support.  


The final thoughts   

 So, what are the key advantages of the Turnkey sports betting solution to start an effective sports betting or casino business operation? Business ownership over the product and full control, including the development of the business strategy, branding promotional plans, risk management control and many more. The Turney sportsbook also ensures availability to create your own brand identity; customizable front-end and unique features. It provides an extended variety of sports portfolio and in-demand content in addition.  A wide range of payment methods, plus direct contracts with payment systems, dedicated 24/7 support are available.

In case you want to learn more about Digitain’s Turnkey sportsbook software, our sales managers are ready to support you.      

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White Label or Turnkey Sports Betting Solution?

10 February 2021 / Blog

White label vs Turnkey Solution

So, you’re interested in starting an online sports betting or online gaming business, but you are new to the iGaming industry and don’t know the difference between a White Label and Turnkey platform?
Here are the main benefits of each approach.

What is a White Label?

What is White Label?

A White label is an out-of-the-box solution where everything you need to launch an online gaming operation, sports betting, or online casino, is provided by a third-party supplier – sports betting software, a casino, a license, payment processing, and more. This includes all the products, software solutions, and even use of a gaming license.

Some or all operational support can also be provided as part of the deal, such as customer services and fraud prevention teams – leaving marketing to be the main focus of the new operator.

A white label casino, or sportsbook, is a quick-to-market approach but with limitations in terms of standardisation. With a white label, there is little room to change the layout or colourways of the product, no opportunities to differentiate in terms of payments, products or trading strategy.

Bespoke developments are also a problem as the white label sits on a shared platform with other sportsbook or casino operators. Your choice of online casino games in a white label casino can be limited also, to a specific number of casino software providers.

So, benefits of this approach; speed-to-market, focus on marketing, tried and trusted approach.


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What is a Turnkey?

What is a Turnkey Approach?

A Turnkey solution is a better option for those operators wanting more control over their online sports betting software and their overall product offering and competitiveness.

You’ll need to obtain your own gaming licence but otherwise all the benefits of a White Label are there, and many more. With an experienced platform software provider, such as Digitain, speed to market with a customisable solution can be quick.

The individual market requirements of operators can be met more easily, such as design, customer journey, branding, payments and even the overall trading strategy. You will also be able to better control and promote the best casino games for your market.

Product and software development requirements going forward are also possible via your own dedicated technology team. Operational services can also be outsourced or taken in–house, the choice is in the hands of the operator.

So benefits of a turnkey approach? Control over product strategy, software development depending on your needs solely, ability to set your own trading strategy for the markets your targeting. Branding and promotional control. Knowledge transfer between your own teams across the business by less outsourcing.


White label solutions have their place, especially if an operator wants to focus on the marketing of the business and speed-to-market is initially important. Outsourcing all aspects of the betting software, including sports betting, online casino and other products, to a third-party provider can be a successful initial strategy.

However, for a comprehensive gaming platform solution, with optimal control of your business direction, but with the security provided through working with experienced platform providers, then a turnkey approach is by far the best strategy. You’ll have more control over your sports betting, casino, branding and software development needs going forward, for when your business starts to take off.

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