Finding a Safe Live Casino Platform

17 October 2022 / Blog

A live casino is inarguably one of the top essential components of a successful iGaming business. Any serious iGaming operation is incomplete without one. Hence, the importance of choosing the right live casino platform is beyond any dispute.

Here’s a checklist of some of the criteria we thought we’d highlight to help you make a well calculated choice when it comes to live casinos – safe and reliable.

  • Reputation

Find out as much as you can about a live casino service provider by reading up on them. To choose a reliable live casino, you should give priority to those with a good reputation. Make sure you pay attention to any further qualifications, trust seals, and favourable comments from actual players and operators. Some sites dedicate themselves to investigating online casinos and providing detailed evaluations of their findings. These sites are a great resource for learning more about live casinos and the gaming options they provide.

  • License

Verifying that a live dealer casino has a valid gaming licence and certification is crucial while searching for the finest live casinos. When the local legislature has issued a licence to a live casino, it implies the establishment meets all requirements for lawful operation. For best-quality services, pick a live casino with GLI certification.

  • Security

When it comes to live casinos, safety is of the utmost importance. You should guarantee that your players are using a secure and reliable service. Therefore, safety and user protection should be prioritised. A number of safeguards are in place at reputable live casinos to ensure that players’ money and personal information are secure at all times. These include SSL encryption, ID verification, and a 2-step verification, to name a few. Plus, a secure website will have “HTTPS” in the URL and a padlock symbol will appear in the browser’s address bar. This ensures a safe and encrypted connection between you and the site.

  • Payment

Credit/debit cards, PayPal, bank transfers, and e-Wallets are just some of the safe and secure deposit and withdrawal methods that must be offered by any legitimate live casino. Banking must be as flexible and user-friendly as possible, with a wide range of acceptable currencies and pliable withdrawal limitations.

  • Technology

With a live casino, it’s important to feel confident in the reliability of the underlying technology and the quality of the broadcast. Explore the options and zero in on the best one. Pick a service that has been around for a while, has cutting-edge equipment, and can guarantee flawless streaming. Reputable online casinos will provide the latest site software, as well as a streamlined, user-friendly layout that works well on both desktop and mobile devices. Avoid outdated technology.

  • Bonuses

Live casinos usually give out a lot of freebies to new and returning customers. For such an occasion, it is recommended to choose a larger and more reputable live casino platform. Because of their greater financial resources, they are able to provide players with more attractive incentives than smaller establishments. A larger, more reputable casino is usually the best choice in these situations. You shouldn’t, however, write out small casinos. Some of them offer very competitive bonuses and rewards.

  • Customer Support

The best live dealer casinos will have responsive, human customer service representatives accessible through many communication methods. Customers need many avenues of interaction with the service’s support staff. The customer care department should be accessible through many channels. Best live casinos often provide round-the-clock assistance to its players.

Digitain is one of the most reputable, multi-channel, gaming platform providers that proudly feature a high-quality live casino in their product portfolio. Operated by a team of experts with decades of gaming experience, Digitain’s unique, GLI-certified, in-house Live Casino successfully recreates the luxurious experience of a premium-quality casino in the digital world.

In the midst of continually expanding portfolio of games, players can currently enjoy European Roulette, Auto Roulette, Blackjack and Baccarat, broadcast in Full HD straight from Digitain’s purpose-built facility. Focusing on innovation and ensuring the very best player experiences possible, Digitain’s Live Casino offers the security, novelty and reliability any iGaming business needs for its successful operation.

Look no further. Check out Digitain’s Live Casino.

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How to Start an Online Casino

25 August 2022 / Blog

Are you thinking about starting an online casino from the bottom up? That would be a really good idea, since in the last several years, operating an online casino has been considered to be a rapidly expanding and profitable industry. Based on statistical data, the global market for casinos and online gaming was valued at 226.8 billion US dollars in 2020, and growth in this industry is expected to reach 17.6% in 2021.

Casinos are the second most common form of online gaming in Europe, amounting to  32% of the market share in 2018. Online casinos were surpassed only by online sports betting (42.5%) but had left lotteries (12.6%) and internet poker (5%) far behind.  

Therefore, in such a competitive market, it is essential to consider some key factors for the successful launch of your online casino platform.  

1. Develop a comprehensive business strategy
2. Select a trusted and established software supplier
3. Determine a casino content
4. Get a license that is best for your business
5. Variety of payment methods 
6. Security and Privacy
7. Dedicated customer  support

Develop a comprehensive business strategy

It is not realistic enough to run a profitable business without a well-thought business approach. A carefully developed business strategy can ensure a significant part of your new business’s success. Your business plan should cover at least the following points; 

  •  What is the biggest advantage of your new business?   
  • How fast are you going to enter the market?  
  • How are you going to compete in the market?  
  • How much money are you going to invest and what is your total budget?  
  • What margin do you expect to receive?  
  • What is your marketing, sales, targeting approach?   

Select a trusted and established software supplier

The major part of online casino operation success can often depend on a carefully selected and integrated software solution So, it is essential to opt for a leading gaming software supplier company, as they provide the core of your brand identity.  Although the iGaming market is extremely competitive now, not all platform suppliers can deliver equal quality products.  You should make sure that the software supplier is proven reliable, can provide a customizable casino look and software solution packed with a variety of features you need, including multi-platform options and mobile capability.   

Ideally, casino platform providers should meet the advanced requirements of online gaming operators. So, owning an individually developed gaming platform is of special importance.  

One of the reasons why Digitain’s Casino Games Aggregator is in great demand is that it is a complete one-stop solution for running an online casino business. The aggregator offers a full suite of tools and features for successfully operating and maintaining an online gaming site; from player registration to user management, from payment solutions to content management. With the Digitain Casino Games Aggregator operators have all the required elements and more to customize and operate their own online casino website.  



Determine a casino content

Another key factor of how to start an online casino operation is to fix what type of content you wish to include in your casino platform. In this regard, it is important for your business to deliver a diversity of casino content.  

Customers need to know what they can find on your website and what device they can use. Therefore, your casino platform needs to have engaging and popular content for customers of different ages and with differing interests.   

Ideally, the best online casino suppliers include at least the following popular games on their platform; 

  • Slots  
  • Poker and skill games like Belote, Domino, Backgammon, etc.,   
  • TV Games  
  • Live Casino games – Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat  
  • Table & Card Games – Bingo, Keno, Hi Lo and many more.  

 Some online betting operators look much further, and along with casino games also deliver sportsbook and virtual sports betting capabilities through the same platform. Actually, you don’t necessarily have to offer your users everything, but it is a plus to have a large selection of games that are available to you and then choose the content that best suits your brand. To keep your players entertained, the quality of games you deliver is as important as the number of games that are included in your online casino. In this way, you can offer the experience you wish to your target audience.   

An outstanding and reliable casino platform provider can help you with the right choices and provide you with both the best in – house developed products and third-party engaging content from their top software games partners.     

At Digitain we understand that each business is unique and try to meet the most sophisticated requirements of our current and potential partners.  We offer 7000+ casino games – both our own product and our partners, (who are among the best in the iGaming industry) -all integrated into a single casino lobby. Moreover, it can be tailored to your brand and easily navigated through category tabs and search options. Your players can enjoy our Casino Games on the web, mobile and tablet.  


Get a license that is best for your business

Having a gaming license is necessary to create a legal platform. So, obtaining a license is essential for your online business as operating an online casino without a license would be illegal. Lack of a license can also be a problem to acquire partners- leading banks and payment service providers may refuse to work with non – licensed casino businesses.    

To have a license, first and foremost it is necessary to decide the jurisdiction you wish to operate under and choose a country to get it from. This is an important choice and there are different factors that you should take into account in terms of how your casino runs, your new business profitability, and the costs you can face.   

The licensing process itself can take quite a time from a couple of months to a year depending on the certain location. One of the reasons why some gaming businesses prefer White Label solution for their casino operation (although Turnkey solution delivers many other advantages) is that it also includes the license enabling speed-to-market process.  

Online casinos are not legalized everywhere but there is at least one country in every region where it is possible to get a license. For instance, in Europe, you can obtain it under the jurisdiction of Malta, Montenegro, Gibraltar, and more. It is also worth keeping in mind that every country has its own rules and requirements for online casinos and the taxes also can differ locally.  So, you should select a jurisdiction which is the best for your business.   

To acquire a license, you should make sure that your casino software supplier and platform are compliant with the country’s regulations you are going to operate in. Moreover, the leading software provider company can support you at least with the necessary information and guide you on how to get a license.     

Digitain is committed to a multi-jurisdictional licensing and certification strategy within international regulated markets to ensure exacting technical and regulatory compliance can be assured for the partners. Our regulatory and compliance team are continually monitoring different markets and emerging jurisdictions, for the latest trends and updates which can impact your business operations and, therefore, can provide clients with initial or on-going support whenever needed.  

Other factors that matter

Along with above – mentioned factors which are significant for running an online casino business, there are also other points that should not be underestimated.   

Variety of payment methods

The availability of different payment options is important for your iGaming business. So, when choosing an online casino platform, make sure that it supports at least the most commonly used payment methods. The leading online casino platform suppliers allow a variety of payment options – bank transfers, credit cards, e-wallets, even cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, for the users to implement secure online transactions regardless of their location.   

Working with outstanding payment solution providers, Digitain offers its partners over 130 payment options to accept deposits, transfers, and withdrawals for digital gaming via a single wallet solution.   


Security and Privacy 

 An online casino platform generally deals with confidential data and a large amount of money. So, the software solution should provide a top-level of protection against an unauthorized login. To attract more users, online casino platforms need to make security a priority, protecting players’ identities, private information and bankroll.   

Currently, there are numerous options to protect data. So, make sure that your software supplier can provide cutting – edge security features.    

Dedicated customer  support

Along with getting a solid casino platform that makes the betting experience enjoyable, it is also significant for the online casino business to get a stable B2B support  from the software provider. 

A reliable casino gaming software provider is the one that is always available and is ready to provide complete, high-quality support instantly.    

At Digitain,  we value our partners’ time and loyalty and make them equipped with real-time, multi-language and top-quality support.    

In case you want to know more about Digitain’s Casino Games Aggregator, do not hesitate to contact us.     

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5 Steps How to Choose the Perfect Casino Game

02 August 2019 / Blog

Online casinos have many advantages over land-based casinos. For one, they don’t have space restrictions and can feature hundreds of games. This is great for players, except when they need to choose one casino and one game to play. When you go to a land-based casino, you can ask for a tour, or you can ask other players for advice. But, how do you do this online?


Tips for Choosing the Right Casino Game

In many online casinos, that are powered by extensive solutions, like the Casino Games Aggregator, you can go through the complete game offering by checking the casino lobby. Even then, you will find that each game has its own unique advantages. Choosing one remains a matter of personal preference.

Here are five things you need to consider before deciding on a specific game.


#1 How Long Do You Intend to Play?

Online casinos don’t have time restrictions. You can play any game at any time of day, every day. And you can play as long as you like, even if you are on a small budget. What’s even better, many online casinos offer welcome bonuses to players who sign up so they can play online for real before spending their own money. But if you plan to play for a longer time, be aware of the minimal betting requirements. They are not the same for all games, so you’d need to check them beforehand.
Some games you can play for a long time with lower bets include video slots, video poker, blackjack or roulette.


#2 Do You like Quick Games?

Different casino games have different tempo. Some games, like traditional table or card games, take a while. But online casinos offer a wide variety of games, including quick games, such as video slots or classic slots. To speed things up, you can also pick the ‘auto play’ option with most slot games, and bet the same amount for several rounds.

If you are unsure of the duration of a game, one of the best ways to figure it out is to play a free round.


#3 Do You Prefer to Play Alone or With Others?

Online casinos are great for player that want to enjoy their favorite games alone. There are many automated games where players don’t need to interact with anyone, not even dealers. And of course, there are games that offer joining ‘rooms’ or ‘tables’ and playing with live dealers and real players and enjoy a nice game of poker or blackjack from the comfort of their homes.


#4 Do You Want to Bet High or Low?

Betting low is a good tactic if you want to play for a longer time, are on a budget or you simply don’t want to test your luck. Players who prefer to bet low in classic card games are called ‘low rollers’. In addition to betting low in card games, the wide variety of slot games makes classic and video slots a popular choice. This game is available in every online casino. And in some, can be played even with bets as low as 1 cent.

If you are looking for thrill, want to spend more money, and join the ‘high rollers’ club, classic table games such as blackjack, poker, baccarat or Punto Banco, and roulette usually have the option to join a table that allows (extra) high betting. Usually, those are the VIP tables.


#5 Are You Looking for an Intellectual Challenge?

Slot games are games of chance and require no skill. On the other hand, card games don’t rely solely on chance. Some card games are intellectually challenging, and leave room for learning and improvement. In those games you can actually implement a game plan and a winning strategy. Blackjack and poker are great examples of this. Since there are numerous variations, you need to constantly look for ways to adapt your strategy. The more you play, the more you know. But before you start playing for money, it would be wise to practice a lot. There are many free casinos where you can do that – get better without risk.

If you are looking for a different mental challenge, you can also look for sports betting opportunities. Sports betting is great for sports fans that want test their knowledge, have some fun, and earn money.

Having fun and taking risk are the two main drivers of casino gaming. And the best way to decide which casino game suits you the most is to play different games. But keep in mind that no wins are guaranteed. So make sure to use the practice mode first. Bet carefully, and only ever play with money you can afford to lose. Happy playing!

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Three Genius Punto Banco Tips for Rookies

27 June 2019 / Blog

Punto Banco is a version of the famous card game Baccarat that’s been played in land-based casinos for decades. Originally, it was developed in Argentinian casinos, and introduced to the United States in the 1950s, changing the gambling world forever.

The original game of Baccarat had an aura of class about it, especially because in land-based casinos it’s played in a separate room for high rollers. But despite it’s aura, the game can be intimidating to rookies since the rules are unclear at first. But the truth is, Punto Banco has the simplest set of rules of all casino card games.

Baccarat is still very popular today. In land-based, as well as in many online casinos and mobile gambling apps. In online casinos though, players can usually enjoy the more simplistic version of baccarat, Punto Banco. So if you are looking at Punto Banco, and wish to try it for the first time, we suggest you first read the rules. Once you understand what the game is about, and how to play it, there are high chances for making high returns. To help you out, here are our top three tips for making the most of it. Let’s dive right in.


Understand the Pattern and Remember that There is No Winning or Losing Hand

Punto Banco is a game that can involve up to 12 players. And of course, more players means higher chances to win. But, this may not always be true, unless you master the rules and the patterns. And remember there is no predetermined outcome – there are no winning or losing hands.

Although the house may have the edge, like in every casino game, the idea is to create suspense and eliminate high predictability. But you can have the upper hand by mastering the pattern and observing your opponents’ strategies. Simple observation and analysis should help. After all, it is a game of chance. So make your moves wisely.


Place Bets Strategically

Before making a bet, consider the odds at hand, But more importantly, where you place your bet. You should know that the odds in Punto Banco are usually in favor of the player (Punto) or the banker (Banco). What does this mean? This means you should bet either on the player or on the banker because a tie rarely yields wins. Since your goal is to maximize the chances of winning, you must opt for the winning side.


Choose Games with Lower Vigorish

All casinos take commission. But it varies depending on the casino, and the game you play. So before engaging in game play, do your research and choose the casinos that have smaller commission. The games that have smaller commission usually elevate the chances of making higher wins. Especially when you place the bet on the banker. The goal is to reduce the house advantage and increase your chance of winning.


BONUS TIP: Take Advantage of Online Casino Bonuses

Many online casinos offer bonuses to players. And in the case of Punto Banco, you can use the bonuses to increase your playing experience. This is especially good for rookie players that are just begging to learn the game. It is always smart for beginners to establish the foundation by first learning the key rules and getting an initial grasp of the game.


Playing Punto Banco Online vs at a Land-Based Casino

Playing Punto Banco online versus at land-based casinos is usually a matter of personal preference. Many people enjoy the experience of going to a traditional casino because of the atmosphere present at many casinos, especially prestigious establishments.

But, online casinos offer many things that land-based casinos not’s, like the option of playing from the privacy of your home. And the best online casinos offer a great selection of the most popular casinos games you can find in brick-and-mortar casinos, including Baccarat, or Punto Banco. If you prefer having a human interaction, you can choose to play with a live dear, or you can choose a gable game where you deal the cards yourself.

The numerous features make for different gaming experiences, which make online casinos universally popular. And perhaps the one thing that makes playing Punto Banco in online casinos stand out from playing in traditional casinos are bonuses and reward programs.

Whatever your preference, make sure to read the game rules, understand and memorize them before starting a game. Remember our tips, and once you get the hold of the game, try some of the more advanced betting strategies!

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Mobile Emergence as the Main Platform for Online Casino Content

16 April 2022 / Blog

In recent years, it has become evident that mobile devices have emerged as the primary preference for engaging in various online activities. Whether it’s communication, online shopping, browsing for travel options, or even ordering food, the dominance of mobile devices is undeniable. This trend has extended its influence to the iGaming and online casino industries as well.

With smartphones seamlessly integrated into our daily routines, the popularity of mobile gambling has surged. It allows players to enjoy casino games while on the move. Thanks to the availability of mobile gambling sites and applications, individuals can test their luck during their daily commutes, take breaks at work, or simply unwind at home.

Mobile Casinos are the New Big Trend

It is estimated that nearly everyone spends an average of 3 hours per day using a smartphone or tablet. The convenient use and ease of transportation make the mobile phone highly popular and attractive among young and old audiences because they can be used for countless tasks. The average mobile user checks their smartphone around 200 times per day – to check the time/date, to post on social media, perform a calculation, check the news, listen to music, browse the Internet…

With such convenience and speed at their disposal, players are also making a shift to mobile devices as their main platform to enjoy their favorite casino games. But casinos need to be aware that mobile players are the most progressive, active, and solvent Internet users. They are representatives of the most advanced audience aged between 18 and 45. These players have much higher gaming needs than players who sit at home and play on a desktop computer or those who visit land-based casinos. Since smartphones make placing bets a lot easier, mobile gamers play online casino games more often and bet more frequently.

Online Casinos Go Mobile

Going mobile has enabled numerous new and existing players to access the Internet via smartphones and tablets and stake real money at any time. As a result, we can see an increasing number of gambling operators that offer mobile apps to their players.

Having a responsive website is still important, but in an attempt to capitalize on the mobile craze, gaming operators are putting a high emphasis on adding mobile-friendly and responsive features and interfaces to their sports betting and online casino apps. Their focus is on providing personalization-rich mobile casinos that enable players to access their favorite gaming platforms immediately on smartphones and tablets.

Now, we can find numerous different mobile casino apps as operators work hard to provide players with a glitzy experience that resembles the one they’d get in a live casino. Many big gaming companies even offer free slot turns in an attempt to lure players to download and use their mobile casino apps. While others make specific games or slots exclusively from mobile casino apps.

What operators must keep in mind is that players prefer properly designed apps that offer exciting features and uninterrupted gaming that can keep them entertained throughout the whole day. To attract players and keep them close, they can’t use the same gaming content they offer on desktops. Even though the experience may seem similar, there are slight differences. To increase players’ loyalty, operators need to customize the whole gaming package and offer intuitive betting experiences, real-time excitement, and tailor-made solutions.

Are Mobile Casinos the Future?

We can safely say that mobile technologies have reached a mature stage in the iGaming industry. And leading operators and developers are actively creating and implementing solutions for mobile iGaming platforms.

The industry keeps actively growing thanks to technological progress and the ever-increasing speed of the mobile Internet. And of course, the eagerness of players to embrace new technology. But only time can tell whether we are witnessing a digital revolution in iGaming, or simply the next evolutionary step to the ultimate gaming experience.

The mobile emergence is greatly influencing, and most definitely changing the online gaming landscape, that’s for sure. Every company in the industry is affected, and if they wish to survive in the market, they have to take this mobile preference into account and offer players what they crave – mobile casino apps.

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Gamification of Online Casino Games

07 March 2022 / Blog

For nearly three decades, video games and casino games/gambling have represented distinct forms of entertainment. Initially, online casinos offered games that couldn’t be categorized as video games. This distinction arose from the fact that the term “video game” referred to games where the outcome relied on the player’s skill, while casino games primarily relied on chance.

Video games were previously associated mainly with nerds and young children. However, in the early 2000s, coinciding with the surge in popularity of online casinos, video games began to enter the mainstream. This shift resulted in video games not only gaining widespread popularity but also becoming a regular part of daily life for Millennials and Generation Z, similar to how television was for Baby Boomers and Generation X.

Target Audience is Changing

Even though most Millennials and Gen Z have never played any casino games, online or in a brick-and-mortar casino, a lot of them are spending money on video games – purchasing the game, spending money on in-game purchases, and character upgrades. And one of the most common things they spend real money on is ‘loot boxes’ – a type of mechanism where they get random in-game prizes in the form of a box or chest, which is very similar to the slot machine mechanism.

Members of the US government have greatly criticized this practice and even called it ‘gambling for minors’. But for video game companies this ‘loot box’ system has been a very lucrative tactic. Many of the game providers earn more money through the boxes than through video game sales.


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Gamification of Online Casino Games

For years, gambling researchers have been making connections between traditional video games and casino games. Even though both activities share similar characteristics: bright colors, noises and potentially big wins, they have a different reach and different audiences.

With the advancement of technology both, the gaming and the gambling industries continue to grow exponentially, but more importantly, the lines between these two types of games are being increasingly blurred. In the past, video games ‘borrowed’ elements from casino games. Now, casinos are copying ‘gaming’ elements from the video games industry.

Traditionally, players would simply press a button and watch virtual dice roll. But that is changing as online casino games are getting a slick upgrade, allowing higher involvement of players. Players can enjoy the same thrill of ‘achievement’ that video games offer – battling enemies, earning experience points, and leveling up which translates into bonus rolls or even direct payouts. Some games even go one step further and offer bonuses after a certain amount of practice or ability leading up to big prizes.

The main reason behind the gamification of online casino games is obvious – the target audience changes. And as a player, they are incentivized to play more and spend more, the benefits for the casinos are obvious as well, they translate into increased player satisfaction and higher earnings. All these factors are worth considering if you are planning to start an online gambling business.


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From Luck-based to Skill-based Experience

Slots and casino developers are always on the lookout for making games more attractive to players. Gaming elements, such as free spins and progressive jackpots are often accompanied by fanfares and bursts of color.

Another important driver of the gamification of online casino games are gambling apps which can offer a variety of richer experiences than the traditional games of poker, blackjack, or slots. The competitive system gambling apps use allows games that used to be mainly luck-based to evolve into skill-based experiences that require actual playing skills.

This new approach to online games gives players more control over the outcome (their winnings). And it has proven very popular among younger generations as they would rather bet more in a game where their win depends on their skill than in a game where luck is the determining factor.

Is complete gamification the future of online gambling?

The global online gambling and betting market revenue is on a constant rise, with expectations to reach the one-trillion-dollar mark in the next few years.

With Millennials and Gen Z becoming the main target demographics, we see changes in customer preference, as these younger generations of entertainment gamblers want more interactivity as they play. Innovation driven by technology, gamification, and personalized customer experiences for players are becoming the key differentiators for winning over players’ loyalty.

As gamification has helped introduce the excitement of online gambling to a whole new audience, a new generation of online casino games is taking over the market. The future of online gaming looks bright though, with technology-powered innovations and more advances in online casinos driving the gamification business model.

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