Dominoes by Galaxsys

A great combination of skill and luck


Dominoes by Galaxsys


Playing Dominoes game requires a combination of skill and some good luck.  Galaxsyshas developed this version with a selection of interesting attractive features. 

The game isfor two players, during which a chain of dominoes is created with dominoes with matching number of pips or dots aligning up together.

Galaxsys offers conventional bids such as: Winner Gets All, Multi Pair, Private Game, Rating.  


Game Suite


This is the simplest and probably the most common domino game type, played by two players using a Double-Six domino set. Each player tries to match his/hertileswith thetilesof the open end of dominoes on the table. The player who is first free fromtilesannounces “Dominoes” and wins the game. 


All Three   

The game All Three Dominoes is different from other types of dominoes by the way the points are awarded. Each player tries to match his/hertileshaving an appropriate amount of points with thetilesof the open end of dominoes on the table.Thus, All Three type requires a more skilled player.  


All Fives  

All Fives Dominoes is also calledMugginsDominoes.Itsrules are similar to theClassicdomino game rules.The only difference is the game purpose:in addition to the going outthe playersalsohave to ensure that the tiles they place score 5 points at the end (or multiple of five). The goal of the game is to get a certain number of points (51,101, 201, 501). 



Classic (Traditional)  

Probably, the most beloved version of Dominoes, in its purest form. Just match the numbers on the tiles on each end and go for the win. The game is over when one player puts the lasttile, i.e., no dominoes remain on his/her hand,this isfollowed bythepointscalculation oftheopponentwhichpassto the player who wins. 


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