Games Magazine Brasil: Interview With Digitain’s Regional Sales Team Manager, Gevorg Rushanyan

04 April 2024 / Interviews


GMB – What assessment do you make of your company’s performance and growth in 2023 overall? Did it meet expectations or exceed them?

Gevorg Rushanyan – Digitain has a long history in delivering exceptional sports betting and iGaming solutions across many regulated markets.

Throughout this year, the business has opened offices in Bucharest and London to expand and service our business pipeline across continental Europe. Our people are phenomenal and have grown to over 3,000 employees, which again is testament to our business growth in 2023.

We look forward to 2024, as we further build on our growth, and expand our award-winning sportsbook and iGaming platform solutions to new partners across the globe.

What assessment do you make of your company’s performance and growth within the Brazilian market in 2023?
Digitain has had a surprising year of exponential growth in Brazil, on par with our strategic operators, who have well-known names in the industry. We have experienced a boost in traffic that is incomparable to other markets in the region, and we believe that one of the reasons is the sympathy that players have come to have with our sports and esports product.

We are firm in our strategy that for us Brazil has to be one of the markets with the greatest momentum in sports betting for the upcoming years.

Could you list the main achievements or goals accomplished?

Digitain and our team, have attended over 30 summits and industry trade shows throughout 2023. The business has won numerous B2B industry awards. We have introduced and launched new features on the sportsbook platform which have been well received by our B2C partners, such as SportChat, Sport Jackpot, Sport and Bet Race Tournaments, AI Sport recommendations and Multi and Ultra Cash Back, and many more features all designed to enhance player engagement that leads to revenue growth.

There are many more achievements, and it is only possible with the continued support of our 150+ partners, and over 3,000 team members delivering the best iGaming and Sportsbook solutions into the market. We wish to thank all our partners and suppliers for helping us make it a fantastic 2023.

In your sector within the industry, what trends or technological advances do you believe will dominate the market in 2024?
We are seeing more socialization features being introduced in the sportsbook. Players wish to engage with other players and have that sense of community. Digitain has recently introduced our player-to-player engagement tool, called SportChat, which has proved a success with players and our partner operators using this feature.

2024 shall see more of these social features introduced into the platform, and more AI to improve processes within the player journey for acquisition and retention marketing plans.

What is your general opinion on the regulation of the sports betting and online gaming market that is on the verge of approval in Congress?

As a B2B supplier business we welcome regulation within the supply chain. It is important for the industry to grow and protect consumers, so regulation is welcomed.

What are the main goals/objectives of your company for 2024 within the Brazilian market? And on a global scale?
Our goals are to continue to monitor the progression of the bills in the Brazilian Congress and timelines for regulated sports betting in Brazil, and indeed across other Latin American countries.

Our teams, legal, compliance and technology, will review the licensing requirements and make the necessary preparations required for these regulated markets.

Source: Exclusive GMB

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