Digitain’s Centrivo Dynamics Platform Presents Two Major Additions

04 April 2024 / Other


Digitain proudly introduces Centrivo Dynamics, a groundbreaking platform that transforms the player experience with a redesigned bonus management flow and a mobile-compatible back office.

Digitain unveils a comprehensive redesign of the bonus management functionality, introducing a modern UI solution with a fresh and intuitive interface tailored to players’ preferences. The platform emphasis’s visibility and transparency, empowering players to effortlessly explore operator promotional offers. The redesign ensures streamlined bonus activation management and control processes aligned with robust Responsible Gaming practices. The system goes beyond, offering bonus personalisation with tailored content for various bonuses such as free bets, free spins, wagering bonuses, cash prizes and more.

This enhanced bonus management experience functionality is complemented by our back office which is fully mobile compatible providing you with control at your fingertips. Manage player promotions, run campaigns, and make instant website changes—all from your phone, thanks to easy navigation, mobile-tailored solutions, and the use of innovative technology. Enjoy a 100% mobile experience with seamless management of your business operations including but not limited to real-time metrics and reports for informed decision-making with live business data.

Edmond Ghulyan, Digitain’s Group Chief Strategy Officer and Chief of Centrivo Product emphasised the commitment to perfection in Centrivo Dynamics: “We strive to provide state-of-the-art solutions ensuring, that we address our partners’ needs while staying focused and dedicated to the best practices of product development. These innovative solutions not only boost player satisfaction but also provide operators with unparalleled flexibility in managing their businesses.”

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