Digitain Reveals Plans for Yerevan “DigiTown” Start-Up Complex

13 October 2019 / Other


Sportsbook and platform provider Digitain has revealed its plans to establish a ‘DigiTown’ complex in Yerevan in a bid to support gaming and tech startups across the Caucuses.

The complex will deliver free working space for tech startups for the first year, which is designed to provide the foundations for growth across Asia and Europe.

Commenting on the launch of DigiTown, Suren Khachatryan, Chief Commercial Officer at Digitain said: “Armenia’s contribution to tech world of IT and tech speaks for itself. As one of Armenia’s most successful companies, we’re delighted to be launching such as ambitious project – one that we hope will continue to put one of the most dynamic, fast-growing regions on the planet.

“As well as attracting investment and fostering entrepreneurship; we’re also looking forward to connecting with the Armenian global diaspora, many of whom will be getting involved in making our country a true open window to the tech world!”

A scale model of the complex was unveiled at the World Congress on Information Technologies (WCIT) currently taking place in Armenia, with construction already underway. 

Digitain – which has continued its global expansion throughout 2019 with strongholds in Africa, Asia, Europe and Latin America – expressed hope for DigiTown to attract higher levels of foreign investment to Armenia. 

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