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Virtual Horse Racing

Too Real To Be Virtual

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Virtual Horse Racing

The realistic graphics and exciting sound effects of our Virtual Horse Racing game will captivate your players, as if they are experiencing the real-life action, drama and thrills of a genuine horse race – encouraging player engagement and helping improve customer retention. 

Each race takes just to 2 minutes, including a preamble, the race and the full results, with a brand-new race following on immediately — guaranteeing a great, continuous player experience. 

There’s plenty of runners in each race, ensuring some great forecast betting opportunities – your players will love the opportunity for a small stake, big win payout – driving longer player time and improved player loyalty. 

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Virtual Horse Racing Highlights
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Leading edge technology
Fantastic dynamic graphics
Ultra-realistic environment
Cross-sport betting within the races
Customizable and brandable
Extra betting markets
What is Special about Our Virtual Horse Racing?
  • Real – time rendered game  
  • Innovative back office for control over margins, race formats, horse data and more 
  • Popular betting markets, including extra bet types (for example, on winning horse number) 
  • Exciting, realistic graphics with dynamic and entertaining camera angles 
  • Rich and interactive race track design 
  • Banner management with real time reflection  
Hassle - Free and Quick Customization
To meet special and unique needs of our partners, our Virtual Sports developer team has enabled our Partners to make the following modifications in the game:
  • Horse names and count (300 by default) 
  • Horse strength
  • Banner management for the horse race track
  • Horse race track name
  • UI Skinning; button sizes, element positions, mode and more
  • Popular markets and extra bet types on winning horse number in horse racing
  • RTP% / Margin configurations (prior discussion and authorization required)
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