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27 June 2019 / Blog

Top 5 Factors How to Choose a Trusted iGaming Software Provider


Starting an iGaming company, whether it’s opening a new business or taking your land-based casino online is a serious feat. The good news is that the industry is evolving very fast, which provides operators numerous opportunities for success. As a result, there are more and more operators entering the market, with the hope to leverage iGaming. Making it challenging for companies to survive and grow into respected operators.


Why the Right iGaming Software Provider Matters?

The extremely competitive market and increased player expectations make running an online gaming business challenges. The key to being successful in this ever-changing industry is having a trusted iGaming software provider. A high-quality igaming software provides secure and rigid business growth, and most importantly, boosts ROI.

When choosing your iGaming software provider, you need to make sure you can rely on this trusted partner to go through the stages of leading a successful online gaming business. Meaning, your trusted iGaming software provider should have the following features.


1. Robust and Flexible Platform

The provider should provide a scalable and flexible platform that will be the basis of your operations. It should be able to accommodate all your business needs. The platform will be the core of your iGaming business, and the place where you store all your user data and manage your gaming processes. Whether you go for a white label or turnkey solution, your iGaming platform must contain some basic features.


2.Wide Variety of Quality Games

Even the best developed platform is worthless if it doesn’t offer a large scale of top quality games. The platform should enable you to add comprehensive Sportsbook, Casino, Live Casino, VR Casino, and Skill games to ensure player engagement and enjoyable user experience. The most reliable iGaming software providers offer a wide variety of cutting-edge gaming and betting solutions to meet the varying players’ needs.

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3.Advanced Customer Relationship Management Tools

An iGaming platform should take special steps to attract players and keep them engage. One way to do that is by offering bonuses, jackpots and tournaments with big pool prizes. Most iGaming platforms come equipped with CRM tools that will enable you to better understand players’ needs. Then, offer them what they want, reduce the churn rate, refine player segmentation for targeted market and so on.  


4.Anti-Fraud and Risk Management Tools

Online gaming operators are often the target of cheaters seeking ways to take more than they fair share. Since risky players can cause a huge problem, protecting your gaming business from fraudulent activities is crucial. When choosing an iGaming software provider they offer an AI-powered real-time risk management system. Most modern ML-based risk management tools allow gaming operators to promote responsible gaming, and instantly detect and manage risky players, so they can preventing fraudulent activities before they happen happens.


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5.Multicurrency and Multilingual Support

Providing players with 24/7 support is another extremely important aspect of running an iGaming business. Cos if you fail to provide a correct answer to only one question, you risk losing a customer. But some of the trusted iGaming software providers also provide services such as – top-quality, prompt, helpful, multichannel, and multilingual support. Moreover, you need to make sure your software provider is also enable players to use different payments methods in multiple currencies.



Final Words

There are the top 5 factors you need to consider when choosing an iGaming software provider. The company you partner with needs to be able to provide you full support, comprehensive tools and featured that will help you run a successful iGaming business.

There are many gaming and betting software providers on the market that offer all-in-one, innovative solutions that ensure the growth of your company. And it’s up to you to do your research, and find that one that best fits your needs. Making the right decision and picking the best and most trusted iGaming software provides is how your company can stand out of the competition with a rich offering of quality games, increasing number of returning players and sustainable income. So make it wisely.


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