Keeping Sportsbook Ahead of Other Products


Sportsbooks are definitely more popular than ever, especially ever since online variants of their services successfully transitioned to the web. Why’s that?

Sports betting has always been there side by side with sports. Ancient Romans allowed betting on gladiator fights, and even civilizations before Rome left some traces of their knowledge and luck by placing bets on various activities.

However, it’s online sportsbooks that revolutionised this activity, and Digitain’s sportsbook software is at the forefront of this revolution.

The Online Revolution

Nowadays, the sports betting industry is thriving worldwide, and people are more eager than ever to place bets on their favourite sports. There are two reasons for that.

First of all, there is a huge number of sports and an increase in the data available to sportsbooks. Take basketball, for example — you can make over/under bets on individual players, make handicap bets (spread bets), guess the final score, and much more. All of that is possible because of the data that can be “harvested.”

The other reason is simply that sportsbooks are one click away. Therefore, we only need to connect to the internet and we will be able to enter the exciting world of sports, games, odds, and much more.

But there’s one thing that you need to keep in mind — the internet is vast and full of platforms that are not worth your time or money. If a sportsbook is not properly catering to users’ needs, you need to avoid it.

One of the reasons why Digitain is so popular is that its major product is flawless sportsbook software.

Digitain Sportsbook Software Is the Answer

As you may know, in order to run properly, every online sportsbook or platform that offers sports betting services needs proper underlying software that will make betting possible.

However, simply making sports betting available is not enough. The underlying code is a complex product that needs to make every visitor happy by feeding them with proper information regarding sports, odds, and more.

At the moment, Digitain offers one such product that uses API technology and offers cutting-edge performances. It’s perfect for the people who want a full sports betting experience, providing various sports data, stats, odds, live betting, and more.

The Digitain Software Does All the Math

Sportsbook software nowadays is expected to be the force that drives the entire betting service on various platforms, and that’s exactly what Digitain’s product does.

First of all, by using this product, operators who want to incorporate a sportsbook will gain instant access to more than 35,000 real-life monthly events, as well as more than 40,000 pre-match monthly events.

There are dozens of different sports out there, and Digitain is committed to covering them all, offering more than 65 sports already, as well as 3,000+ betting markets.

Apart from the standard offer of sports betting options, Digitain’s product is available in several languages and supports several currencies as well. On top of that, it offers great risk-management tools and native mobile apps.

How to Connect to Digitain Sportsbook Software?

Digitain’s sportsbook software is based on two APIs — iFrame API and Bespoke API. The former allows you to quickly create a navigation interface and rebrand it to suit your platform, without actually including additional front-end developers. In other words, this API saves you both time and money if you are a business looking to incorporate sportsbook software into your offer.

On the other hand, the latter API, called Bespoke, is crucial for sportsbook integration to your system. However, what makes it special is that it is built in such a way to leave room for additional modules to be attached.

This means that if your platform needs to increase product revenue, you can attach modules for online casinos, live dealer casinos, and virtual sports.

Simply put, sportsbook software made by Digitain offers one comprehensive and high-quality product that is highly customizable, yet user and beginner-friendly. By connecting it to your business, you will be able to enter this multi-billion dollar industry and offer state-of-the-art betting services to online users.


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