您有没有想过投注网站建设者? Digitain在2019年的ICE展会上推出了其超级创新产品.DGBuilder是Digitain客户和合作伙伴的最新生产力数字营销解决方案。 DGBuilder是一个全方位服务应用程序,用于为您的品牌构建前端网站。它可以控制您的品牌和用户体验,并优化品牌指标,如客户体验和转化渠道,网站导航。该应用程序允许数字营销团队灵活地管理和显示产品垂直和游戏内容,以及跨网络和移动的无摩擦拖放功能。

Online Casino Website Builder Features
  • 无需编码或技术技能
  • 平滑的拖放功能
  • 经过验证的体育博彩模板可供选择移动和桌面
  • 为您的品牌部署自己的前端体验和体育博彩导航
  • 完全模块化的组件,用于数据丰富的体育博彩
  • 产品垂直和第三方内容对接管理
  • 在不到15分钟的时间内准备好功能齐全的用户界面
  • Fully responsive, reliable and top performing website, looking amazing on any device
  • Wide range of the customization options and content management tools

Get a fully functional website by managing domains, communication channels, currencies, languages, and market-specific services configurations in DGBuilder. 

Enhance your website functionality by integrating 3rd party applications and adding custom scripts. Add even a more sophisticated User Interface customization by adding custom styles to the website or mobile sites.

Finally, you can optimize your website for the search engines, using built-in digital marketing tools included in DGBuilder. 

We also offer a flexible permission-based access control system in DGBuilder, so that you can better manage each of your team members work. 

  • 搜索引擎优化功能
  • 开放图形和Twitter卡功能
  • 代码审查和风格标准机制
  • 动态页脚(菜单、娱乐场供应商、付款和许可证、徽标等)
  • 体育小部件
  • 网站多视图功能
Sports Betting Website Builder Technical Features