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我们的EPOS /收银员计划是多语言的,允许玩家在赛前和现场比赛中使用他们的首选货币进行投注。

POS Terminal

Retail Branch

RETAIL BRANCH is Digitain’s BetShop Betting Admin tool. It enables the BetShop staff  to carry out a number of functions including: 

Betshop Monitor
Accept bets
Process payouts of winning tickets
Edit or delete bets
Monitor the BetShop bet history
Make deposits/withdrawals to player’s balances - where the partner used sport as its platform.

RETAIL BRANCH tool also includes a cashiers’ shifting mechanism which allows the system to keep the track of transactions and manage the related data per cashier and his/her operational session.

1 Ability to filter and print pre-match and finished events lists with their odds and results
2 Opportunity of accepting bets via simple and configurable hotkey combinations
3 Possibility to process any bet accepted through the website via the BetShop

Live Monitors

Digitain’s systems enables operators to display full details of all Live Events, plus their odds, on the monitors in the BetShop.

Two  versions of Live Monitors are available at this moment: 

Live Monitor
Desktop Version (available  from Betshop) 
Live Monitor
Web Version

Betshop Grouping (& management)

In our BE Office we offer an opportunity to our BetShop Partners / Owners to divide their total number of shops into separate groups – useful for setting variable limits, revenue, costs and employee monitoring and reporting.

Bet Shop Groups can operate independently in terms of reporting and setting limits. For security and discretion the managers of each group can only monitor the information of the BetShops in their groups.

Digitain – EPOS


  • 领先的库存管理系统
  • 轻松对接到任何合作伙伴的系统中
  • 任何合作伙伴品牌/徽标的可定制票
  • 全票扫描/打印功能
  • 用于自动化用户和位置识别的终端管理工具
  • 最新的数据保护和可跟踪交易软件
  • 快速,现场交易
  • 没有长线问题
  • 手持式,移动友好的便利性


RFID Terminal & RFID Card

Digitain  also offers its BE RFID Terminal and RFID Card solutions, which are available only for the partners who use sport (BE) as their main platform. With RFID Card you can register new users, placing bets and doing other BetShop specific transaction. 

POS Card Reader