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Minesweeper is a game designed for 2 players. The game begins when one of the players creates a new game and the 2nd player joins the already existing one.

The player who creates the new game determines its conditions – game score, game duration, step time as well as the bet amount. The player who joins the game, accepts these conditions.

Game Process

The game field consists of 2 rows, each of which consisting of 4 cells. There is a mine hidden by chance in one of the cells of each row, and the other 3 cells are empty. The player who makes the first move chooses one of the cells in his row. If there is a mine in the cell there will be an explosion, otherwise a flag will be shown to mean the cell is empty. In both cases the move will pass to the second player who chooses a cell in his row.

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Game Rules


  • The player wins the game and gets 1 point if the cell he chose is empty, and there is a mine in the cell chosen by the second player.
  • If both of the players chose an empty cell or both of them chose a cell with a mine, the game ends in a draw and the score doesn’t change.
  • The player who collects the necessary points wins the game.