Online Gaming Web Design Trends for 2019

Online Gaming Web Design Trends

The main goal of web design is to captivate the visitors’ attention. Well-designed websites provide a free-flowing user interface and intuitive navigation which guide visitors through the site easily and efficiently and help them find what they want plus what they need. The same goes for gaming web sites, plus there is the additional challenge of designing a website that can provide a suitable gaming layout that works seamlessly across multiple devices and at the same time has a solid technological background to supports future scaling and upgrade.

Web Design Trends that are Shaping Online Gaming

If you analyze website and video games designed ten years ago, you can find noticeable differences in the visual and technical design and capabilities. That is the result of constant technological advancements. As a consequence, the gaming industry creates numerous upgrades to their online games and websites that reflect the latest and greatest trends. Gameplay, in-game interactions, characters, score and result charts become faster, more accurate and vivid, providing players with a lifelike experience.  But just like before, designers focus on creating a pleasurable gaming experience through a good user interface and design methods. At the same time, they are trying to choose the trends that will help them design distinctively unique websites that come out of the crowd effortlessly.

Let’s take a look at the best web design trends that are shaping online gaming in 2019.

Responsive design and thumb-friendly navigation

Statistics show that more than 50% of revenue involving online gaming comes from mobile devices. That is why it is of paramount importance for online casinos and gaming sites to embrace this trend more rigidly than other markets. Easy-to-use interfaces, exceptionally simple and thumb-friendly navigation (including drop-down menus and clickable icons) are key components of the ensemble. Additionally, responsive design should take into consideration all devices and screen sizes and ensure a seamless cross-platform experience.

Minimalistic clean design for faster loading times

Another trend that online gaming websites need to pay attention to this year is the minimalistic design that has outstanding logical structure optimized for the best possible (mobile) gaming experience. Clean look, clear explanation of the registration process and an overview of the gameplay are very important. Additionally, explainer videos and animations and promotional offers should be valuable and actionable, strategically placed above the fold, and optimized for fast page load times.

360 videos and VR/AR for an improved gaming experience

AR/VR have already entered the gaming world, enabling web and game designers to provide players with new unique immersive gaming experience where players are put in a more entertaining environment and can interact with and engage in the gameplay. But these technologies are not only influencing the way games are designed, but also play a big role in web design. Using these technologies will surely give players a reason to visit, discover and stay on your website.

Heightened security for customer safety

Since the beginning, online gaming software and online casino websites have required considerably deep and high-quality website encryption. The best way to ensure high levels of data security is applying 128-bit or even 256-bit encryption and safeguarding customers’ personal details and financial transactions. Customers feel better and are more likely to play using your website when they know they are safe, so when designing your website, make sure to include a label that shows off your encryption type.

AI and Chat Bots for

Online gaming websites and casinos have visitors 24/7. So their customer support should also be working non-stop. AI and chatbots are a great way to ensure players always get the necessary help and assistance and give them a greater level of assurance and trust in online gaming and casino brands, which is crucial given the amount spent by players on a daily basis. We saw this trend last year, but now we can notice that 24/7 customer support features are becoming a core part of almost any website.

Implement What Suits You Most

Implementing the latest trends should be about improving your website in terms of UX and UI, safety, speed, and functionality. Depending on your website and business needs you should apply only the trends that are key to ensuring online success and can enhance your website visitors’ (gaming) experience, not all of them.