9 Tips on Gambling Etiquette Every Gambler Should Know

Gambling Etiquette: 9 Tips that Every Gambler Should Know

Online gaming and gambling are on a constant rise. The internet made online casino gambling available to anyone. Which was very positive to many players how now can enjoy their favorite games without having to make an expensive trip to the casino.

But just like traditional, brick-and-mortar casinos, the online casinos have their dos and don’ts. And before you enter one, it’s important to understand the etiquette, and prevent yourself form looking foolish or worse, like a total amateur. Read on and learn how to behave in an online casino. We’ll have you looking like a pro before your first log in.

1. Know the Law of the Land

Since you can play online from any place in the world, before you log in to your favorite casino, check to see if online gambling is legal in the country, state, province or region where you are residing at the moment. Consult our legality page.  So you won’t end up losing more than just your hand at poker.


2. Play to Win but Expect to Lose

“House always wins” is something we hear all the time, and there’s a reason for that. Gambling online affords players the luxury to take their time to master the games and learn their strategies. Use this to your advantage. Take time to master the games and play to win. But no matter what lucky charm you have on or how smart and strategic your moves are, expect to lose sometimes. Expecting to win all the time will only lead to frustration and no one needs that.


3. Play According to the Best Rules

Almost all online casinos offer the same games. But they may have different variations and not have the same rules. Make Google your friend and search for the rules which suit your preferences. Study the rules or print them out for future reference. That way, you set yourself for success.  


4. Learn to Assess and Trust the Odds

Most casino games are games of chance, that’s true. But some or not. Mathematical statistics are proven, and all casino games are designed on percentages and probabilities for a reason. Don’t rely on luck alone cos there’s more to it. Constant winners aren’t only “lucky” – they have a better understanding of the odds. Learn to calculate the odds – don’t hate them!


5. Always have a Timely Play

Yes, it is expected to take a moment to consider your next move. However, you should make your next move in a timely manner. If you need to do something away from your computers or smartphone, it might be better to use the “sit out next hand” button. The other players will be thankful you did that.


6. Don’t Bet More than You Can Afford

Gambling is meant to be fun. Winning some money plays a big role here, but to win, you must bet first. And the party mood goes away quickly when you spend your rent or grocery money away. Create a gaming budget and stick to a limit that you can realistically afford.


7. Don’t Bet on “Setting Systems”

If it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is. Stick to the rules and use proven mathematical strategies to plan your next move. Don’t rely on someone’s unsolicited advice or betting system they made out cos it is a surefire way to fill somebody else’s pockets.


8. Be Polite to All Players

Even though there are casino games where you play against a computer, keep in mind that online casinos are a real community, and most of the time you are playing against real people. Be cultured and polite, even if your playing style is aggressive.


9. Don’t Do or Permit any “Flaming”

One of the worst things you can do is take out your anger or frustration on other players. Or allow and instigate someone else to act angrily. Instead, calm down, and take sit the next hand out. If angry and insulting comments are directed to you, try to respond calmly and avoid getting into a ‘fight’.

Remember that even though you are playing online, it’s still an establishment where you are expected to follow certain rules and behave. Use our short guide to online gambling etiquette to learn the basic dos and don’ts, so you won’t end up being the annoying player that no one wants to play against.


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