Digitain to Take Players to the Stars With RocketON

11 January 2020 / 新的功能

Leading sportsbook and casino platform provider Digitain has announced the release of its latest in-house game, RocketOn.

Designed to provide operators with a customisable, action-packed gaming alternative, RocketOn sees players place bets on the fate of the Digitain rocket as it blasts off into the stratosphere.

With initial bets placed at the launch, the odds grow riskier as the rocket’s journey time increases with the aim of the game being to cash-out before the rocket explodes.

Fate is left up to chance thanks to Digitain’s market-leading RNG tools, players who cash-out and exit the game before the rocket explodes are set for a bumper payday.

Winnings are also further boosted by Digitain’s innovative Auto Cashout function, which allows for automatic betting and cashouts based on pre-defined odds, enabling players to place bets while offline.

Commenting on RocketOn’s launch, Arsen Tadevosyan, Product Manager at Digitain said: “It’s all systems go for planet Digitain as we gear up for our first launch announcement of 2020!

“An immersive game packed with engaging betting features, RocketOn is fully customisable for each of our 100+ operator portfolios – offering an exciting, action-packed cross sell between the sportsbook experience and casino.”

 The intergalactic title makes a strong addition to Digitain’s already impressive product offering. As well as its in-house gaming suite, Digitain’s casino platform offers more than 3,000 games from major casino suppliers, including Novomatic, Microgaming, NetEnt and Playson.

Alongside, Digitain’s sportsbook product covers 65 sports, covers 7,500 leagues, and offers more than 3,000 betting markets, as well as odds on 35,000 live events each month.

Quantis Delivers RNG Lift to Digitain’s Gaming Partners

05 November 2019 / 新的功能

Industry provider Digitain has bolstered both its betting and skill gaming portfolios by launching Quantis, a new proprietary random number generator (RNG) engine. 

Running off the very latest in technology, ID Quantique’s physical RNG engine exploits the elementary process of quantum optics via the transmission of photons (light particles) to generate random events, allowing for the ultimate game of chance.

The launch, said the company, will help to “cement its market-leading position position” by offering the cast-iron guarantee of a truly randomised gaming experience for its customers.

Arsen Tadevosyan, Product Manager at Digitain, explained: “If you want to be the industry’s favourite platform provider, you have to ensure your operator partners know they’re getting the very best.

“Our integration of Quantis is testament to our ambitious plans for global growth across developed and emerging markets.

“We’re constantly evolving our gaming portfolio to deliver the best user experience, and utilising this new software brings even greater sophistication to our offering.”

Quantis has been primed in time to support Digitain’s ambitious expansion plans in 2020, which includes creating the definitive sportsbook solution for Africa – a market Digitain’s Hmayak Arakelyan recently described as “arguably the world’s fastest developing region”.

It is the second new betting-based engine in just two weeks for Digitain. Quantis quickly follows Bet Generator, which allows players to set desired betting amounts and potential returns based on their appetite for risk – and in turn generate a customised bet.

Digitain Launches Bet Generator

29 October 2019 / 新的功能

Multi-channel sports betting and casino platform provider Digitain has announced the development of its latest sports betting engine; Bet Generator – allowing players to fully customise bets to their preferences.

Digitain’s latest betting product for operators allows players to set desired betting amounts and potential returns based on their appetite for risk – which in turn automatically generates a customised bet.

As an additional functionality, players are also able to select the total number of events they want to be included in the bet, ranging from 2-30 – with Digitain’s algorithmic driven betting system then compiling the chosen bets at random via a customised bet slip.

Designed to boost customer retention for Digitain’s operator partners, Digitain believes its new industry model is set to redefine operator-client relationships.

Commenting on Bet Generator’s launch, Suren Khachatryan, chief commercial officer at Digitain said:

“Our latest innovative betting functionality is set to offer a completely new betting instrument for our operator partners – and we’re delighted to be delivering something so unique.

“The latest generation of player is looking for operators to provide a betting experience tailored to them, and it’s our job to provide our partners with the tools to do so. Bet Generator caters to that need and more – delivering a market-leading betting engine that meets all appetites for risk.”

Digitain’s platform and sportsbook are made for the demands of live betting in a fragmented legislative landscape, providing deployments across the world, all supported by centralised control systems.

In total, its sportsbook product covers 65 sports, covers 7,500 leagues, and offers more than 3,000 betting markets. It also offers odds on 35,000 live events each month, while its casino solution has 3,000-plus games from major casino suppliers (such as Novomatic, Microgaming, NetEnt and Playson).

USSD / SMS Betting Set For A Red-Letter Day In Africa

24 October 2019 / 新的功能

In Africa, as with most emerging markets for gambling, it’s vital to get a firm handle on the complexities of this partitioned region writes Hmayak Arakelyan, Digitain’s Regional Director for Africa.

For any African operators looking to make a sportsbook leap with a digital upgrade, or simply get started in a fast-moving marketplace, the most fundamental decision has to be selecting the right supplier alongside the various technology and ancillary services that accompany such a partnership. 

At Digitain, we’ve made it our modus operandi to create the definitive sportsbook solution and trading tools customised to varied betting requirements across a fragmented legislative landscape, including Africa, whereby rapid integrations across the world are supported by consolidated systems.

As we’ve expanded our global reach, it’s been interesting to witness how our modular platform and its accompanying APIs have been able to open up the possibilities in regions like Africa, whose patchwork make-up displays a multitude of obstacles to be overcome – from technical constraints to conflicting regulation.

Nevertheless, the evolutionary gap between Africa and, say, Europe can be quickly narrowed for both operators and their players once you recognise that a one-size-fits-all approach simply won’t work. Only a modular design will afford the requisite flexibility and rapidity of integration.

Digitain has expanded its geographical footprint across much of Europe, LatAm and central Asia over the past year, and is now focusing attention on emerging African territories, where we already enjoy existing relationships. This began by introducing market-leading hand-held EPOS terminals (mobile inventory-management system providing reliable reporting and trackable data) and has organically developed from there.

Our operator partners can now increase their reach by offering Digitain’s USSD / SMS betting, which fulfils many of the unique challenges of the vibrant African market. These benefits feature but are not limited to:

  • Real-time service without internet
  • Operational on non-smartphones
  • Intuitive to use, with an easy to follow step-by-step process
  • Very cost-effective
  • Tailored to emerging territories

As we’ve witnessed first-hand, different components are needed, particularly with regard to payment providers, but also including different layouts of websites in order to facilitate SMS / USSD betting. Whether you need to retrofit for an Opera browser, swap out legacy tech or factor in new fixes, we’ve got the solution.

Exciting growth markets such as Africa remain a key focus for our worldwide strategy. In fact, Africa is expanding so quickly that it can be arguably called the world’s fastest developing region. It’s easy to see its value as operators queue up to enter, and we’re here to deliver tailor-made provide that provide answers, alongside our evolving set of engagement tools and range of home-grown games which come as standard.

After all, with technology and smartphone adoption still an obstacle for many regions, suppliers have to build a bridge to a broad-but-inaccessible customer-base which might otherwise have remained out of reach. Flexibility underscored by innovation encapsulates the Digitain model, and these characteristics are accordingly the cornerstones of our breakthrough USSD / SMS betting service.

Digitain Rolls The Dice On Sic Bo Reboot

17 October 2019 / 新的功能

Sitting alongside a wide range of EGR B2B-award-winning skill games and traditional table games (including perennial player-favourites like Baccarat, Blackjack and Roulette), Digitain’s all-new Sic Bo adds a modern twist to an ancient three-dice classic, without losing its timeless, authentic appeal.

Digitain’s engaging new title allows players to join at any stage in the staking cycle, select their stake and bet on any of the myriad outcomes. Using the game’s content-management panel, Digitain’s partners can also vary game probabilities, giving operators welcome flexibility in the odds they offer customers, driving engagement with regular wins, or more mouth-watering potential payouts.

The rollout caps an exciting period for Digitain, which has seen the provider expand its global reach from Europe, through Africa and on to Eastern Asia, with the industry’s most flexible, scalable and efficient sports betting platform. Digitain’s award-winning casino solution now totals 3,000-plus games from major casino suppliers, such as Novomatic, Microgaming, NetEnt and Playson.

Simon Westbury, Digitain’s Director for International Business Development, said: “We’re delighted to introduce our partners and their players to Sic Bo, an immersive fusion between old and new, all sealed with Digitain’s patented in-house twist. Earlier this year we challenged ourselves to reach more casino players, and we’re certainly accomplishing that, thanks to an innovative gaming portfolio which has already garnered industry acclaim.

“Our gaming suite can be easily integrated into existing sportsbooks and casinos, offering players greater choice, while also boosting engagement and retention for operators. Sic Bo is already proving itself a ready winner for increasing player dwell-time, the holy grail of any digital offering.

“Combining the very latest in industry innovation with enshrined gambling inclinations, games like Sic Bo reinforce our portfolio’s position at the cultural crossroads of international gaming culture and taste. It provides further vindication that we are delivering leading turnkey solutions to the market.”

New Games Release | HiLo | Joker

14 February 2019 / 新的功能

Digitain is pleased to announce the addition of two new games to its expanding gaming content portfolio for your players.

Joker is a popular two-player and highly engaging game which is played using a deck of 36 cards. The seniority of cards in the suit – 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, Jack, Queen, King, Ace. 34 + 2 (Joker), six clubs and six peaks are removed, and instead of them, jokers are used during the gameplay.

The game can be played in two versions: The Short Game consists of two stages. The stage comprises of 4 hands of 9 cards each. Thus, the whole game includes eight hands (changes). The Classic Game consists of four stages. The first stage consists of 8 deals, and the number of cards given to each player is increased by one from hand to hand (change) (1st hand – 1 card, 5th hand – 5 cards, and so on).

Hi-Lo is a progressive game which allows players to have the opportunity to join the game any time. The game is fast-moving and highly engaging for players looking for instant gratification. During the game the player needs to choose one of the nine outcomes (options) of the game, enter the bet amount and make a bet, which allows multiple betting opportunities.