5 TIPS How To Survive the ICE Show with Digitain?

5 TIPS How To Survive the ICE Show with Digitain?

ICE ExCel is almost upon us with tens of thousands of delegates attending the world’s biggest land-based and online gaming and gambling trade show. Here are our quick guide and tips to surviving the show!

Tip 1 – Print your badge Before Your Arrival

Sounds basic right, but if you want to avoid the long lines and people hazards, print off your e-badge x 2 copies and also take a picture in case you lose the printed copy in order to avoid the congestion charge!

Tip 2 – Take a Compass

Remember the show is vast and confusing. So use your iPhone compass to make sure you know what entrance is North and South in order to navigate to your desired meeting booth or zones.

Tip 3 – The Bear Grylls Survival Tips & 10,000 Steps Challenge

Eat a hearty, and with protein and some starchy carbs for breakfast in your hotel before hitting the show. Remember you will likely and be easily doing over 10,000 steps for all you Fitbit aficionados daily, so your body needs fuel to walk around the show – never mind the body weight exercises of carrying all that free swag, goodies and gifts that are handed out over the 3-days experience.

Tip 4 – Buy Two Power Banks

Yes, two, one as a spare. But of course remember to bring your phone, as how many times has it be left in the hotel or DLR? As you know what shall happen, people will ring trying to rearrange your pre-planned meeting schedules at booth XYZ. And given we are in the selfie era, your Instagram is likely to eat all your data and battery power of the iPhone.

Tip 5 – Find a Chill Zone

ICE is intense, full of distractions which drain you both emotionally and physically and in order for your adrenalin levels to return to normal; for your blisters on your feet to stop aching, you need to find a ‘chill zone’.

And where can you find this ‘sea of tranquillity’, well at Stand #S2-350.

Digitain’s iGaming Digital Experts shall be on-hand to provide a warm, friendly welcome to all weary, and battle-hardened ICE Delegates with a cup of English breakfast tea or stronger libation if you prefer.

We will help you recharge both mind and body and focus on why Digitain can assist your business and brand with a proven market ready sportsbook and casino solutions.

Book a meeting as spaces are limited to arrange a confidential no-obligation conversation today at ICE Stand #S2-350 using the following link: here