BetBoom Success Story

06 August 2021 / Other

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Celebrating our two-year partnership anniversary, we are very happy to present the success story of one of our highly praised partner companies, BetBoom, one of the largest domestic bookmaker companies in Russia.

First appearing in 2011 under the BingoBoom brand and then rebranded to BetBoom in 2020, today the Company operates more than 500 betting shops across Russia, offering bets on hundreds of sports events and serving tens of thousands of satisfied customers daily.  

Currently BetBoom is one of the 4 biggest operators in the Russian betting market and one of the Top 3 bookmaker chains in terms of the number of betting shops. BetBoom sponsors a number of national federations, leagues, clubs, and also supports many youth sports. With its impeccable reputation, the bookmaker has won the trust of thousands of customers, as well as renowned sports organizations and communities. 



We are happy to be part of BetBoom’s story and to have made a contribution to their success.

It all started two years ago, when BetBoom set several important goals to improve their effectiveness and the customer experience they delivered.

  • To reduce the number of failed transactions between its platform and the previous provider
  • To deliver a better-quality sportsbook solution to its customers
  • To reduce the number of closed in live betting
  • To provide better fraud management, and most importantly
  • To increase its GGR.

The path to success was not an easy one, but Digitain was ready to take on these challenges and to collaborate with BetBoom to achieve their goals. The good news is that the consistent and effective hard work of the professional teams involved made it all possible.  

BetBoom and Digitain jointly worked on platform integration to successfully reduce the number of failed bets.

Digitain provided insights and guidance on the most suitable sportsbook configuration for BetBoom to successfully manage the limits of each tournament. The provider expanded their sportsbook coverage by adding new tournaments not only on their own but also by the request of BetBoom.

Digitain launched new promotions for the clients on its network. This helped to deliver a better user experience to the customers of BetBoom.

Petr Kipa, Chief marketing officer of BetBoom: “It is definitely a win-to-win partnership with Digitain, that allows us to not only deliver a flexible and great sportsbook solution to our customers but also customize and manage our user experience exactly the way we want to. Digitain consistently responds to all our demands in a fast, friendly and effective way”.



As a result of hard and consistent efforts by both companies, BetBoom was awarded “The Best Bookmaking Mobile APP” in 2020 and “The Best Bookmaker” in 2021 at the “Sport and Russia Awards”. As well as these, BetBoom also won “The Best Sports Betting Project” at the BISPO Awards in 2019 and “The Best Flagship Club” in the Bookmaker Ratings of 2021.  

Recently BetBoom became the first bookmaking company in Russia to sponsor the naming of a sports stadium and now the home stadium of FC Ufa is known as “The BetBoom Arena”. 

Throughout our cooperation, BetBoom was able to achieve its goal to increase the GGR and within only two years of partnership with Digitain, BetBoom’s GGR has increased by 372%.

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