Digitain’s Review of 2021

24 December 2021 / Blog

It’s traditional at this time of the year for people to look back on what they have achieved and to consider what next year holds in store for them.

At Digitain we’re no different and we’d like to take this opportunity to review our progress this year and to highlight the added value we have delivered for our partners.


Firstly, let’s discuss our Sports Betting innovations

Following a rigorous evaluation, our award-winning sportsbook has received certification from Gaming Laboratories International (GLI), covering both GLI-19 and GLI-33.

Our developers were busy in 2021 and they added three great, new bonus types into our Sportsbook, the Accumulator Bonus, the Ultra Cashback Bonus and the Bore Draw Bonus. These unique bonuses have been extremely popular with our partners’ customers, especially the Bore Draw one, which adds excitement to potentially boring football games.

As well as those, our developers also added two new promotional offers, Double Dooble and 2 Goals Early Payout, both fantastic ways to engage and reward loyal players.

At Digitain, our international footprint continued to expand in 2021, and as a result, we designed and launched a new Sportsbook view for the Latin American market. Our Latam view is a dedicated version of our Sportsbook especially for our partners in that region.

Betting on eSports continued to grow in popularity this year and we enhanced our own Cyber Masters product with additional leagues, further widening its appeal.

For sportsbook fans, our new comprehensive betslip, with improved interface and better user experience, was launched in 2021.
We also improved our Risk Management tools with an upgraded Bet Delay Time module and Late Bets Monitoring tool, adding even more capabilities to our partners’ Trading teams.

As well as all this, we now cover an amazing 90,000+ live events each month and have also added new pre-match combo markets.


Now let’s talk about how we have improved our Gaming products

We pride ourselves on continually improving our player experience and this year was no exception for Gaming. We significantly expanded our casino games suite, adding nearly 6,000 great new games from premium suppliers, boosting the overall number of casino customer choices to over 10,000 games.

Our Fast Games portfolio was enhanced with two more exciting games – Keno Express and Blackjack and our players’ favorite two Fast Games, Rocketon and Keno, were redesigned and upgraded for maximum player enjoyment.

We were also delighted to receive a new license for our Fast Games suite from the Malta Gaming Authority.

Let’s not forget our Skill Games, where one of our most popular skill games, Backgammon, was also redesigned this year.

These, and many other improvements, have helped us to improve our entire gaming product ranges and made them more attractive for players everywhere.


Other innovations in 2021

Besides sports betting and gaming solutions, we had many other innovations and improvements in 2021.

We have created a new, easy-to-use section on our site, the Client Area, containing our best-performing marketing and promotional assets for our partners’ use in growing their revenues.

We launched a new easy-to-use Tax Engine tool, developed to help our partners confidently and compliantly deal with complex iGaming tax challenges.

In 2021, we improved our CRM System enhancing it with better overall functionalities and an improved, more effective interface, enabling our partners to make better data-led marketing decisions.

Allowing customers to have a wide choice in how to deposit and withdraw their funds is a key capability when localizing and differentiating your service. We continue to improve this area and in 2021 we integrated an additional 130 payment methods onto our platform, increasing the total number of customer options to over 400.

We will continually seek to improve the products and services in 2022, launch even more new products and maintain our leading position in the Gaming market.


Events and awards

Despite these challenging times, a number of virtual and live gaming industry expos took place this year․ We were honored to participate in 15 digital and real-time events taking place in different parts of the world and we were enormously happy to have so many opportunities to meet our existing partners and new friends this year and hope that next year we will have many, many more.
During 2021, we also won some fantastic awards. Our Sportsbook gained the Sports Betting Platform of The Year Award at The International Gaming Awards and Online Sportsbook Provider of The Year at the SiGMA Awards 2021. Furthermore, we won Best Land-Based Industry Supplier at the Ukrainian Gaming Week Awards.

These awards are very important to us. They recognize the hard work of our teams across the business and motivate us to strive even harder, to create better products, to present better offers and to offer only the best to our partners. Next year we will continue to work tirelessly to achieve even more success․



2021 had many challenges, but we believe we overcome those, thanks to the dedicated and enthusiastic efforts of our hard-working Digitain colleagues. We will remain customer-focused in everything we do in 2022 and will continue to strive to improve the service we provide to our fantastic network of partners, who we thank for their continued loyalty.

There is lots to come in 2022. We have some exciting innovations launching early next year – so watch this space!

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03 June 2021 / Blog

For iGaming operator, online sportsbook or online casino, it is very important to be able to provide a wide variety of traditional and alternative payment methods for their players in order to give them the best, seamless customer experience possible – as well as for very good business reasons.


Recent research by WorldPay revealed that, globally, ecommerce is expected to be over US$4.6 trillion globally by 2022, with 140 different online payment methods already in use today.

Also Juniper Research has found that global international digital money transfer transaction volumes will reach 2 billion by 2024, up from 1.1 billion in 2019. Both, online and mobile channels are achieving strong growth. Mobile channel will account for 68 percent of transaction volume in 2024; up from 63 percent in 2019.

iGaming operators need to be able to recognise this growth, especially for the mobile type of payments and make sure they support both the traditional and alternative, new methods that are becoming more popular in this digital age

What is meant by Traditional versus Alternative payment methods?

Traditional payment methods (for deposit and withdrawals) in online casinos and sportsbook include;

  • Bank Transfers (via bank account)
  • Debit Card and Credit card payments – for example
  • Visa and Mastercard (and other credit card options)
  • e Wallet – for example
  • Skrill
  • Neteller
  • Ecopayz
  • Qiwi
  • Yandex money

The e wallet option, has been around for a while, and though not strictly traditional, can be counted as such given the new range of alternative payment systems now available, via mobile and other means

Alternative payment methods

Alternative payment methods have increased in popularity as financial technology companies and tech giants have entered the payments industry providing consumers with faster and more convenient ways to make purchases In 2021 alternative payment methods are expected to account for nearly 55% of global e-commerce transactions.

Alternative online payments that will be familiar to online gaming bettors include these examples, not all of which are “gambling friendly” for online casinos or sports betting providers;

  • PayPal
  • Stripe
  • Apple Pay
  • Alipay
  • Klarna
  • PaySafeCard


Another alternative payment method is via Cryptocurrencies, such as BitCoin.

Cryptocurrencies are gaining popularity day by day as a payment method with more and more online casinos and sportsbooks adding them to their list of options. This kind of currency has great potential advantages for both the operator and players.

The good news is that more and more gambling markets globally, for example the United Kingdom Gambling Commission and Malta Gaming Authority, have already recognised BTC as a legitimate payment method, allowing its online casinos and sportsbooks to offer this means of payment method to their players.


Advice to new iGaming operators

Knowing the mix of your customers’ ways of accessing your online gambling site (mobile, desktop or tablet), as well as local payment preferences, is vital if you want to provide the most appropriate payment methods . Customer awareness of your payment methods is also important – players will prefer to use payment methods they recognise, already use and have confidence in.

Localising payments

An online gambling business, when looking at new geographical markets, needs to look closely at the country and the habits of the betting population For example if you want to offer your service in Brazil you need to include a particular, very traditional method called Boleto.

Help with localisation of your payment offering should be at hand though. A iGaming operator’s payment provider should be able to give advice for what is popular with their existing clients in a specific country or region. In many markets, offering the right APMs (Alternative payment Methods) will also provide a sense of legitimacy, important when building trust with bettors.

Customer trust and conversion

It is advisable for iGaming companies to provide, as a minimum of the top three payment methods in a given market or country in order to meet customer needs. Most bettors will know and use use at least one of them, and it has been shown that providing the top three methods can increase customer recruitment or conversion by up to 30%.

Advantages of new alternative payment methods


A player’s first experience an online casino or sportsbook is often when they try and open an account and deposit into it, using their traditional credit or debit card details.

Research has shown 25 per cent of players abandoning the account opening process because it was too long or complicated.

With some methods of alternative payments, especially via mobile banking apps, use of biometric information, to authenticate their details, such as fingerprints, can help quickly link the customer’s account to their bank. This can get the customer ready to deposit and bet in a short time

Increased Conversion

Once players have successfully executed a deposit, payment failures are up to four times lower with some alternative payment methods than with debit or credit cards – on average cards fail up to 15 per cent compared to 3.5 per cent for instant bank payments. This can mean better customer experience and less customer churn

Potential reduced fraud

Alternative payment methods can be safer than traditional methods, especially with built in authentication, using biometric data, such as fingerprint or face ID to identify themselves in their banking platform.

Casino or sportsbook operators can be more positive that the person opening a gambling account is who they say they are. This can lead to less chargeback worries for the operator and a better customer experience.

Choosing an iGaming Platform provider

So, if you are considering entering the world of online betting and gaming, choosing a software provider, or igaming platform company, is a key decision to make.

As well as the general questions regarding the platform and the betting and casino services on offer, the range of both traditional and new and alternative payment providers they have on their platform is of vital importance.

Localisation, as already mentioned, is important for content and also for payments and choosing an igaming platform provider that can support your market entry, wherever in the world will be one of the most important decisions for you.


Digitain is an excellent option. They already work with the leading payment solution providers and continually look to expand their global reach, offering more than 130 payment methods and empowering their iGaming partners to accept deposits, transfers and withdrawals for digital betting and gaming via a single wallet solution. 

Digitain’s partners are equipped with the latest easy-to-use technologies designed to implement secure online transactions.

Offering a wide variety of solutions, Digitain cover Card Paymentse-walletsbank transfers and Crypto payments, giving their partners’ players freedom of choice to perform online transactions, to deposit and to withdraw, safely worldwide, wherever they may be.

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30 March 2021 / Blog

Are you interested in starting your iGaming business based on the Turnkey Sports Betting Solution and are not 100% clear what are the benefits of the Turnkey approach?    

Here are 5 advantages of Turnkey Sports Betting Solutions you should know before running an online gaming operation.  

  • Business Ownership and Full control over the product   
  • Customizable front end and unique interface
  • On – demand content capability
  • Variety of payment methods
  • Dedicated B2B support and customer care

Business ownership and full control over the betting platform   

The first and the most significant advantage of the Turnkey Sports Betting Solution is the business ownership capability. This means that by starting your online sports betting business on a Turnkey basis you get your own iGaming business license and take the project into your full ownership. This allows you to take control over your business absolutely independently. With the Turnkey solution, you can also fully develop your business strategy, branding, marketing, and promotional activities, manage competitiveness in the industry, and control risks. So, it is quite important to select an experienced and competent sports betting solution provider ready to meet all your individual business ideas and requirements.   

With Digitain, a Turnkey approach for your iGaming operation will be more productive and quicker to market, as well as meeting any custom requirements that an operator may have, such as design, branding, localization, payments, customer journey and many more. An operators own technology team can be involved in the betting software development process at any stage of the project. Plus, even the operational services can be both taken in house and outsourced depending on the choice of the operators.     


Customizable front-end and unique interface    

Currently, many betting operators tend to create their own business identity – an individually developed betting platform that can engage players of different ages and with various sports interests. The turnkey approach is the ideal solution for iGaming businesses to develop their own betting operation according to their brand purposes and vision. In this way, they can get a customizable front end and tailored betting software with a functional and unique interface, specific market-oriented view for each region, advanced features, flexible tools and multichannel options.   


One of the reasons why Digitain’s Turnkey Sportsbook Software is in high demand is that it is tailor-made and responsive across all channels. Moreover, our Turnkey Sportsbook can be integrated into all platforms, can be available for desktop, mobile and native applications of Android and iOS and also can meet market specifications and localization requirements.  


On-demand content 

One of the key factors for a successful iGaming business operation is the quantity and quality of content. Obtaining Turnkey sportsbook software from an experienced provider gives you an opportunity to choose your preferred content and diversity of sports from the rich portfolio available. Each sports category can include various tournaments from events in different countries and from different leagues. The diversity of sports is worth considering as the various types of sports ensure that iGaming operators can attract a more extensive fanbase than the fans of the most common sports. The advantage of the Turnkey sportsbook approach is it allows you to select from a comprehensive variety of sports provided by the sports betting solutions supplier and obtain in-demand sports content.    


Variety of payment methods   

In this digitalized world it is crucial for operators to have sports betting software that allows multiple currencies and various payment options for the players regardless of their location. Many operators consider this a must-have option as today users can prefer to use a selection of payment methods such as e-wallets, bank transfers or cards or even cryptocurrencies.

Cooperating with top-notch payment solution suppliers, Digitain’s sports betting software offers over 130 payment options to accept deposits, transfers, and withdrawals for digital gaming via a single wallet solution. With the Turnkey sportsbook software our partners can choose both from the existing payment methods in our payment gateway and have direct contracts with payments systems they prefer and integrate them into our platform.    


Dedicated B2B support and customer care   

Along with getting reliable sportsbook software that can make the betting process both accessible and entertaining, it is also important for the betting business to get reliable customer support from the software supplier. Another key advantage of the Turnkey software solution is that it includes solid B2B customer care. IGaming operators can receive various questions from the players, so, it is important for them to provide prompt answers to all questions, in order to engender trust and efficiency.

A trustworthy Turnkey sports betting software supplier is available at any time of the day, understands its partners’ needs, speaks their language, and is competent to provide them with complete, first-rate, and multichannel support instantly.   

 At Digitain, we know that all the partners who have selected the Turnkey approach for their betting operations have special business models and requirements. We value their time and loyalty and equip them with dedicated, real-time, and multi-language support.  


The final thoughts   

 So, what are the key advantages of the Turnkey sports betting solution to start an effective sports betting or casino business operation? Business ownership over the product and full control, including the development of the business strategy, branding promotional plans, risk management control and many more. The Turney sportsbook also ensures availability to create your own brand identity; customizable front-end and unique features. It provides an extended variety of sports portfolio and in-demand content in addition.  A wide range of payment methods, plus direct contracts with payment systems, dedicated 24/7 support are available.

In case you want to learn more about Digitain’s Turnkey sportsbook software, our sales managers are ready to support you.      

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18 March 2021 / Blog

iGaming Platform

A fully flexible, scalable and secure platform, providing operators everything they need to launch a successful iGaming business.


Sportsbook Software

Award winning sportsbook solution for online, mobile and retail operators. Flexible and speedy integration via turnkey, API or bespoke solutions. Fully localisable to differentiate your brand.


Sports Data and Stats

Comprehensive multi-lingual sports data content to give your customers a competitive edge. Leading edge Live Match Tracker tool, customizable for your brand, with live visualisations and up-to-the-second data.

Casino Games Aggregator

Over 7000 games from over 100 of the gaming industry’s premier providers, our casino product will satisfy the needs of customers and operators across the globe.



Take control of your betting and gaming brand with our fantastic website builder tool. Differentiate your customer journey to suit your needs, from navigation, to colours, logos, payments and beyond. Manage your digital marketing requirements with our in-built tools.


Live Casino

Energise your revenues with our superb live casino offering from 11 of the best providers in the industry. Grow your customer lifetime value through the range and quality of Digitain’s own premium Live Casino, coming soon.


Sportsbook Mobile App

Mobile First solution, available as a native app on iOS and Android as well as via responsive browser. Fully functional, optimised customer experience and amazing range of content. Face / Touch ID log in and quick bet functionality make our mobile sportsbook a dream to use.


Payment Gateway

Over 130 leading payment providers integrated into a single wallet solution allowing operators and their customers the confidence and freedom to choose the best, safest methods to securely transact online.


eSports Platform

A fantastic selection of eSports, available as a stand-alone plug-in or as part of an integrated sportsbook. Attract a new profitable demographic with eSports from a great range of industry-leading suppliers, including Digitain’s own CyberMasters portfolio.


Virtual Sports

Realistic graphics, high game frequency and a leading range of suppliers make our Virtual Games offering a clear winner with our customers. Engage and retain more players with this high growth product, no matter where you are.



An easily integrated, fully functioned platform, customizable and including an award-winning, high performing sportsbook, supported by an extensive team of traders and risk managers. Full menu of additional features including an extensive payment gateway, a leading sports data and stats package and a range of enterprise tools. Everything needed to operate a successful sportsbook operation.


Modular API

A highly flexible and seamless way to integrate our platform and products into existing systems whatever the business needs. A quick way to take our award-winning Sportsbook, casino or even our leading Sports data and stats package.



Full featured mobile first version of our main site, with dedicated registration, login and payments. A full range of betting opportunities, including in-play supported by bespoke marketing and communication tools for enhanced customer engagement.



Multi-channel, multi-language integrated solution allowing operators to process bets and payouts in retail locations as well as online. Fully supported by comprehensive menu of screen and EPOS technologies. Rapid transactions, customisable interfaces, easy integration into partner systems and platforms. 

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Top 5 factors to think about when choosing the best iGaming platform provider

26 February 2021 / Blog

The iGaming industry has delivered significant growth over the last few years and there’s still plenty of opportunities to enter the market and be successful. The global online gambling market size was valued at USD 53.7 billion in 2019 and is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 11.5% from 2020 to 2027. 

You’re thinking of launching an iGaming business? Sports betting and online casinos can be highly profitable and, as a result, it the iGaming industry is highly competitive. To survive and flourish a number of things have to be present including the right operational, marketing and product development capabilities. However, the main requirement is a robust, scalable and stable iGaming platform – with a great online casino and sports betting product as a minimum.

Here are five factors you need to think about when choosing your iGaming platform provider (also known as an iGaming software provider).


1.Your business strategy and requirements

2.Choosing the right software provider

3.Your content is king

4.Need for speed – and flexibility, and competitiveness

5.Support services


Your business strategy and requirements

Firstly, from as strategic perspective you need to have a clear view where and how you’re going to compete, what your market positioning will be and what are your competitive advantages. Your business requirements will include questions such as what sort of iGaming software you will need , how quickly you want to get to market, how much of your operations do you want to outsource and do you want your own licence?

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Choosing the right software provider

You should seek out a trusted and reliable iGaming solutions provider – find out how established they are, look at the quality and experience of the management team and make sure they have the industry knowledge to help you build your business. You want to know how they’ve been in business. A good reputation and a stable of existing clients are also useful guides when choosing an iGaming platform provider. Working with leading partners and suppliers, including leading payment providers key for your target market, are important factors.

How customizable is the iGaming platform? You will need to differentiate your brand and customer journey in order to compete so the level to which you can do this needs to be checked out.

Look also for as many unique features that the iGaming software supplier offers -these will be another way of differentiating your new business.


Your Content is King

‘Content is king’ according to the saying. This is very true of online gaming and sports betting operators and the range and quality of your online casino and sport betting products can be key to your success. Look for highly flexible betting solutions that enable you to choose from a wide selection of options, sports betting , casino games, and features and let you customise the way you present your product to players.What other iGaming and casino products are included? What is the minimum you need to be competitive? How many casino suppliers of note are included on the platform and how many slots games are available?


Need for speed, flexibility and competitiveness

You need to ensure you choose a iGaming software provider that will be future-proof as you business will grow and your sports betting and iGaming requirements will change as you learn about your market. The overall expertise of the chosen iGaming partner going forward needs to be added to your checklist. The ability to integrate speedily needs to be considered – time is money after all. Flexibility, stability and scalability are other important considerations – you’ll want the iGaming partnership to last a long time and having to switch platforms because they cannot adequately support your organisations growth is costly and disruptive. A platform that becomes uncompetitive will mean a loss of profitability for you – so think long term. Do you need a modular solution? API-based platforms can deliver more flexibility going forward.


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Support Services

Other important considerations when choosing an iGaming software provider are the supporting tools and services that they also offer. Do they have an integrated CRM system and will they provide training? Is there marketing support? This can be a great benefit when starting up in terms of a bonus engine and promotional materials. Licensing and legal support is another important consideration. Will your software provider help with licensing or, in fact, do you wish to leverage their license? Risk management tools are important? How effective are the software platform tools? Do you want the iGaming business to do this task for you. Responsible betting solutions are a vital compliance requirement and so check on how effective these are and what other information, insights and reports are provided by your prospective iGaming partner. The subject of responsible gambling is growing more and more important across many markets – and you need to ensure you have the very best solution to ensure player protection. Other services you should look at include data management and reporting products. Insight as to how a player is using your website, what gambling content they are viewing, which is the preferred payment method, what is their preferred game, or their favourites sports can be very useful when considering the future development of your website or mobile offering. So ensure that your iGaming software provider can deliver this level of data.


So, choose a good iGaming software provider to partner up with, with an excellent reputation, a management team with significant experience and industry know-how. Make sure their iGaming software is fast, stable and future proof – and gives you all the best content you need to be competitive. Ensure that they can support your growth – in terms of development, scalability and flexibility. Ensure their product development abilities are first class and they have a vision of where their sports betting and gaming product portfolio is going.

As an operator, choosing your iGaming software platform will be the most important element of your sports and gaming business preparation so take your time and get the best sports and gaming software solution available for your business requirements.

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How to Start an Online Casino

25 February 2021 / Blog

Thinking of starting an online casino business from the ground up? That might be quite an idea, as an online casino operation has been considered to be a fast-developing and profitable business in recent years.  According to the statistics, the market size of the casino and online gaming sector worldwide reached 226.8 billion U.S. dollars in 2020 and the sector is forecast to grow by 17.6% in 2021.   

Casinos are the second most common form of online gaming in Europe, amounting to  32% of the market share in 2018. Online casinos were surpassed only by online sports betting (42.5%) but had left lotteries (12.6%) and internet poker (5%) far behind.  

Therefore, in such a competitive market, it is essential to consider some key factors for the successful launch of your online casino platform.  

1. Develop a comprehensive business strategy
2. Select a trusted and established software supplier
3. Determine a casino content
4. Get a license that is best for your business
5. Variety of payment methods 
6. Security and Privacy
7. Dedicated customer  support

Develop a comprehensive business strategy

It is not realistic enough to run a profitable business without a well-thought business approach. A carefully developed business strategy can ensure a significant part of your new business’s success. Your business plan should cover at least the following points; 

  •  What is the biggest advantage of your new business?   
  • How fast are you going to enter the market?  
  • How are you going to compete in the market?  
  • How much money are you going to invest and what is your total budget?  
  • What margin do you expect to receive?  
  • What is your marketing, sales, targeting approach?   

Select a trusted and established software supplier

The major part of online casino operation success can often depend on a carefully selected and integrated software solution So, it is essential to opt for a leading gaming software supplier company, as they provide the core of your brand identity.  Although the iGaming market is extremely competitive now, not all platform suppliers can deliver equal quality products.  You should make sure that the software supplier is proven reliable, can provide a customizable casino look and software solution packed with a variety of features you need, including multi-platform options and mobile capability.   

Ideally, casino platform providers should meet the advanced requirements of online gaming operators. So, owning an individually developed gaming platform is of special importance.  

One of the reasons why Digitain’s Casino Games Aggregator is in great demand is that it is a complete one-stop solution for running an online casino business. The aggregator offers a full suite of tools and features for successfully operating and maintaining an online gaming site; from player registration to user management, from payment solutions to content management. With the Digitain Casino Games Aggregator operators have all the required elements and more to customize and operate their own online casino website.  



Determine a casino content

Another key factor of how to start an online casino operation is to fix what type of content you wish to include in your casino platform. In this regard, it is important for your business to deliver a diversity of casino content.  

Customers need to know what they can find on your website and what device they can use. Therefore, your casino platform needs to have engaging and popular content for customers of different ages and with differing interests.   

Ideally, the best online casino suppliers include at least the following popular games on their platform; 

  • Slots  
  • Poker and skill games like Belote, Domino, Backgammon, etc.,   
  • TV Games  
  • Live Casino games – Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat  
  • Table & Card Games – Bingo, Keno, Hi Lo and many more.  

 Some online betting operators look much further, and along with casino games also deliver sportsbook and virtual sports betting capabilities through the same platform. Actually, you don’t necessarily have to offer your users everything, but it is a plus to have a large selection of games that are available to you and then choose the content that best suits your brand. To keep your players entertained, the quality of games you deliver is as important as the number of games that are included in your online casino. In this way, you can offer the experience you wish to your target audience.   

An outstanding and reliable casino platform provider can help you with the right choices and provide you with both the best in – house developed products and third-party engaging content from their top software games partners.     

At Digitain we understand that each business is unique and try to meet the most sophisticated requirements of our current and potential partners.  We offer 7000+ casino games – both our own product and our partners, (who are among the best in the iGaming industry) -all integrated into a single casino lobby. Moreover, it can be tailored to your brand and easily navigated through category tabs and search options. Your players can enjoy our Casino Games on the web, mobile and tablet.  


Get a license that is best for your business

Having a gaming license is necessary to create a legal platform. So, obtaining a license is essential for your online business as operating an online casino without a license would be illegal. Lack of a license can also be a problem to acquire partners- leading banks and payment service providers may refuse to work with non – licensed casino businesses.    

To have a license, first and foremost it is necessary to decide the jurisdiction you wish to operate under and choose a country to get it from. This is an important choice and there are different factors that you should take into account in terms of how your casino runs, your new business profitability, and the costs you can face.   

The licensing process itself can take quite a time from a couple of months to a year depending on the certain location. One of the reasons why some gaming businesses prefer White Label solution for their casino operation (although Turnkey solution delivers many other advantages) is that it also includes the license enabling speed-to-market process.  

Online casinos are not legalized everywhere but there is at least one country in every region where it is possible to get a license. For instance, in Europe, you can obtain it under the jurisdiction of Malta, Montenegro, Gibraltar, and more. It is also worth keeping in mind that every country has its own rules and requirements for online casinos and the taxes also can differ locally.  So, you should select a jurisdiction which is the best for your business.   

To acquire a license, you should make sure that your casino software supplier and platform are compliant with the country’s regulations you are going to operate in. Moreover, the leading software provider company can support you at least with the necessary information and guide you on how to get a license.     

Digitain is committed to a multi-jurisdictional licensing and certification strategy within international regulated markets to ensure exacting technical and regulatory compliance can be assured for the partners. Our regulatory and compliance team are continually monitoring different markets and emerging jurisdictions, for the latest trends and updates which can impact your business operations and, therefore, can provide clients with initial or on-going support whenever needed.  

Other factors that matter

Along with above – mentioned factors which are significant for running an online casino business, there are also other points that should not be underestimated.   

Variety of payment methods

The availability of different payment options is important for your iGaming business. So, when choosing an online casino platform, make sure that it supports at least the most commonly used payment methods. The leading online casino platform suppliers allow a variety of payment options – bank transfers, credit cards, e-wallets, even cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, for the users to implement secure online transactions regardless of their location.   

Working with outstanding payment solution providers, Digitain offers its partners over 130 payment options to accept deposits, transfers, and withdrawals for digital gaming via a single wallet solution.   


Security and Privacy 

 An online casino platform generally deals with confidential data and a large amount of money. So, the software solution should provide a top-level of protection against an unauthorized login. To attract more users, online casino platforms need to make security a priority, protecting players’ identities, private information and bankroll.   

Currently, there are numerous options to protect data. So, make sure that your software supplier can provide cutting – edge security features.    

Dedicated customer  support

Along with getting a solid casino platform that makes the betting experience enjoyable, it is also significant for the online casino business to get a stable B2B support  from the software provider. 

A reliable casino gaming software provider is the one that is always available and is ready to provide complete, high-quality support instantly.    

At Digitain,  we value our partners’ time and loyalty and make them equipped with real-time, multi-language and top-quality support.    

In case you want to know more about Digitain’s Casino Games Aggregator, do not hesitate to contact us.     

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10 February 2021 / Blog

White label vs Turnkey Solution

So, you’re interested in starting an online sports betting or online gaming business, but you are new to the iGaming industry and don’t know the difference between a White Label and Turnkey platform?
Here are the main benefits of each approach.

What is White Label?

A White label is an out-of-the-box solution where everything you need to launch an online gaming operation, sports betting, or online casino, is provided by a third-party supplier – sports betting software, a casino, a license, payment processing, and more. This includes all the products, software solutions, and even use of a gaming license.

Some or all operational support can also be provided as part of the deal, such as customer services and fraud prevention teams – leaving marketing to be the main focus of the new operator.

A white label casino, or sportsbook, is a quick-to-market approach but with limitations in terms of standardisation. With a white label, there is little room to change the layout or colourways of the product, no opportunities to differentiate in terms of payments, products or trading strategy.

Bespoke developments are also a problem as the white label sits on a shared platform with other sportsbook or casino operators. Your choice of online casino games in a white label casino can be limited also, to a specific number of casino software providers.

So, benefits of this approach; speed-to-market, focus on marketing, tried and trusted approach.


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What is a Turnkey Approach?

A Turnkey solution is a better option for those operators wanting more control over their online sports betting software and their overall product offering and competitiveness.

You’ll need to obtain your own gaming licence but otherwise all the benefits of a White Label are there, and many more. With an experienced platform software provider, such as Digitain, speed to market with a customisable solution can be quick.

The individual market requirements of operators can be met more easily, such as design, customer journey, branding, payments and even the overall trading strategy. You will also be able to better control and promote the best casino games for your market.

Product and software development requirements going forward are also possible via your own dedicated technology team. Operational services can also be outsourced or taken in–house, the choice is in the hands of the operator.

So benefits of a turnkey approach? Control over product strategy, software development depending on your needs solely, ability to set your own trading strategy for the markets your targeting. Branding and promotional control. Knowledge transfer between your own teams across the business by less outsourcing.


White label solutions have their place, especially if an operator wants to focus on the marketing of the business and speed-to-market is initially important. Outsourcing all aspects of the betting software, including sports betting, online casino and other products, to a third-party provider can be a successful initial strategy.

However, for a comprehensive gaming platform solution, with optimal control of your business direction, but with the security provided through working with experienced platform providers, then a turnkey approach is by far the best strategy. You’ll have more control over your sports betting, casino, branding and software development needs going forward, for when your business starts to take off.

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27 December 2020 / Blog

Are you planning to start your betting business from the bottom up and not 100 % clear how to get started? Choosing an effective sports betting software solution is an important part of the puzzle.    

Fortunately, the sports gaming industry is evolving quickly, giving a wide scope of opportunities to succeed in this sector. However, in the extremely competitive market, it is becoming harder and harder to choose the best software provider that can meet all your expectations. In any case, there are some key factors to be considered while opting for sportsbook software.      

Develop your own identity: Customized features and Individual interface     

Betting operators’ business success can often depend on the well-chosen and accurately integrated sportsbook. Having an individually designed platform that attracts sports bettors of different ages and with diverse interests, is of special importance. So, it is smarter to choose established providers that offer sports betting software with a functional and easy-to-use interface, multiplatform options, and mobile capability.      

Today, many betting operators seek to develop their own identity. The best software suppliers consider this primary requirement, and along with template-based solutions, also offer customized betting products that will meet current and potential partners’ motivations and purposes. It is important for the suppliers to hand over flexible and user-friendly sports betting software products with a responsive, outstanding design that is compatible with all advanced platforms and devices.      

Ideally, sports betting software providers should meet the most sophisticated requirements of already existing platforms, start-ups, online casino operators, and land-based sportsbook vendors.     

One of the reasons why Digitain’s  Sportsbook is so popular is that it is customizable and responsive across all channels. Our Sportsbook can be integrated into all platforms and can be available for desktop, mobile as well as for native applications of Android and iOS. We can also provide sports betting software to the land-based operations in different modifications depending on the market specifications and localization requirements.      

Mobile capability – speed and functionality       

The mobile revolution in recent years has changed consumers behaviour and expectations in different spheres and online betting industry is no exception. The current saturation of broadband, different tablets, and smartphones impact on the iGaming market has changed not only the final users’ requirements but also make providers and operators evolve to meet the players’ expectations all over the globe.   

So, it is essential for the sports betting software suppliers to cover not only the traditional platforms but cater to the players who use mobile devices.  Most users prefer functional mobile applications instead of the web interface, considering them more friendly in terms of speed, functionality, and design. Even if you have a flexible web platform that supports different screen sizes, you cannot manage without engaging and functional mobile applications.      

At Digitain we accept the challenges of the modern world and turn them into opportunities. Our sports betting software offers both web mobile version and native mobile applications for iOS and Android. Being individually developed for each operating system, the applications manage to deliver a high level of operational efficiency on devices. The specifics of each platform have been explored in detail during the development process. Supporting the full range of Digitain’s sportsbook functionalities, its mobile applications are also equipped with specific features that ensure a higher user-engagement level.    

Geo – dependency and localizations      

Currently, the betting software products are extremely popular worldwide, and it is essential for the software providing companies to localize them for different markets. One of the most important requirements is to have an interface in simple language and a platform that allows users to bet on local teams and leagues. To localize the product, the software must support systems that determine the user’s location and favoured interface language. Localizing software, nevertheless, is a far more systematic process than just adapting some words or changing some visuals. Each culture has its own specifics and in order to reach the target audience, the sportsbook must speak its users’ language.     

Digitain’s Sportsbook is highly flexible in terms of localization. It is not only about the language varieties but also about the localized content, layouts, features, and functionalities that are developed for specific markets. So, we can offer a specific view or layout for an Asian or African market or a standard solution for the operators across Europe or Latin America.      

Risk & Fraud Management    

Another significant element of a successful sports betting business is a well-thought risk management strategy. Along with the best player experience, the betting operator should be able to manage the risks.   

The betting industry is mostly driven by new technologies, products, and players’ behaviour. Risk management needs to be in constant development to help businesses to stay competitive in the market. Particularly, effective risk and fraud management provides the ability to analyse players and their behaviour and to act accordingly to avoid losses and to boost profits. The best sports betting software providers are the ones that have good player risk management tools.    

 We have over 700 traders and risk managers at Digitain. All our odds and match markets are calculated, compiled and monitored in-house by our trading team ensuring robust risk management and a healthy margin for our partners’ sportsbooks.   

Variety of payment options      

Nowadays, when practically everything around is digitalized, every betting operator should keep in mind that the best sportsbook software solution allows different payment options for the players wherever they might be.  Some might prefer to pay through bank cards, e-wallets, or bank transfers, while others might want to pay with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.      

Working with outstanding payment solution providers, Digitain offers its partners over 130 payment options to accept deposits, transfers, and withdrawals for digital gaming via a single wallet solution. Moreover, our partners are equipped with the latest easy-to-use technologies designed to implement secure online transactions.    

B2B support and dedicated customer service       

It is safe to say that sportsbooks are currently expected to be the force that moves the whole betting service on different platforms and channels. In addition to getting a solid sportsbook software that makes betting possible and enjoyable, it is also important for the betting business to get a solid B2B support from the software provider. Sports betting operators can get different questions from their users and if they can provide an accurate and immediate answer to each question, they will be viewed as more reliable. 

A trustworthy sports betting software provider is the one that is available 24/7, speaks its partner’s language, and is willing to provide them with complete, high-quality, and multichannel support instantly.      

At Digitain we understand that all the partners have unique business models and requirements. We value their time and loyalty. Therefore, each of our partners is equipped with top-quality, real-time, and multi-language support.       

Continuous improvement is the key to success       

Even the ideally developed software solutions need continuous improvements. This is what we call a key to success. Striving for perfection is a moving force, however achieving perfection is not an end -result, but a process.      

 At Digitain we periodically look at the performance of the Sportsbook features, receive insights from the data, analyse them, and accordingly change, upgrade or even completely modify the features. We follow our roadmap to enhance the Sportsbook, paying extra attention to all the measures that need to be taken for the security and stability of the product.    

We constantly follow up on the trends and updates in the industry. The insights that we get from our partners and competitors, our own experience and research, as well as the expansion in various markets inspire us to do more. We are convinced that there is still a lot to do for the World’s Sportsbook and it is an ongoing, never-ending process.      

In case you want to explore more about  Digitain’s  Sportsbook software solution, please  Contact Us     

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01 December 2020 / Blog

Thinking of starting an online sport betting business?

Here are the Top 7 factors you need to get right.

  1. Generate an overall Business Strategy
  2. Research and choose the Sportsbook Software platform you actually need
  3. Agree your Product Portfolio
  4. Assess your Marketing capabilities
  5. Optimising your data – make business led decisions
  6. The customer experience you deliver
  7. Your people, your most important asset

1. Generate an overall Business Strategy

  • The importance of a realistic strategy cannot be underestimated?
  • How are you going to compete?
  • How are you going to leverage your existing capabilities?
  • Is speed to market important to you
  • What will be your positioning?
  • What is your total budget?
  • What margin do you expect to deliver?

The answers to the questions above (and more) should then inform your marketing, product, technology, supplier, financial and trading strategy and more.

A realistic business plan is also a must-have requirement – with budgets, costs, customer acquisition targets, margins and unit economics all essential.

2. Research and choose the Sportsbook Software platform you actually need

Sports betting platforms can be about more than the sportsbook. You will need to consider such requirements as regulations, customer registration, payments, KYC, responsible gaming, bonus and trading tools.

Maybe you have a platform already and you want to swap out the sportsbook. At Digitain we offer a number of options, including a sportsbook API – a data feed that can be quickly integrated into an existing platform.

Also consider the type of platform supplier you want to partner with. Do you want to be a small fish in a big pond or would you prefer to work with a supplier where you can influence development priorities.

Cost of future development is something to consider – you will want or need to add further developments to your sportsbook platform, as you compete in new markets or new opportunities arise – how much do you need to budget for this?

Build your own iGaming platform and sportsbook?

Pros: Owning your own technology can be a competitive advantage in terms of ability to innovate, differentiate, flexibility of product development.

Against: Time consuming, expensive and carries a great deal of risk.

Getting to market quickly may be your priority and marketing your business may be your strength – so a build strategy may not suit your priorities.

Buy / License a sports betting platform or sportsbook from a trusted sportsbook software supplier?

Pros: Speed to market, proven technology and less risk. Flexibility, scalability and cost are benefits. Experience and technical capability underwritten

Against: Not all platform suppliers are equal. Costs of platform, minimum monthly guarantees and localisation potential, are just some of issues to be considered.

Choose a sportsbook software provider that is flexible, fast and economic in terms of delivering your future product development roadmap. Look at range of products and associated content and customer tools available. Is the combination fit for purpose for the markets you are targeting? Are all the sports and markets covered off? Is the live betting coverage comprehensive?


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3. Agree your Product Portfolio

When European company Ikea expanded into the US in 1985 they were very keen not to adapt their product / service mix. Why change a winning combination developed over many years, right?

However their strict strategy of not localising any of their products wasn’t universally successful. A significant issue for the Philly customers (used to a big gulp) was the relative “tiny” sizes of the drinking glasses available in the shop – so they started buying the Ikea glass vases as drinking vessels…

Inevitably Ikea had to adapt to the market – change their “standardised” approach and localise.

You will need to have a sportsbook product that can be localised and is responsive across all channels.

Be “Mobile First” – consider native app development  if not for launch, then later. This approach will give you opportunities to engage directly with your customers. At a minimum ensure that the mobile web version contains all the main functionality available to players on the web version.

Consider the other key products you want to add to your platform – online casino including specific slots, live dealer / live casino, virtual sports and eSports have all become staples of an online betting and gaming business, so make sure your platform supplier can meet your requirements.

4.Assess your Marketing capabilities

The most successful online betting and gaming businesses are masters of digital marketing.

Unfamiliar with digital marketing?  Then you’ll need to build this capability – perhaps supplementing them with experienced digital agency.

Depending on your location, will you develop an affiliate network? Consider building your own network, or out-source to an existing experienced provider.

SEO, PPC, programmatic advertising, Google regulations, Facebook advertising – knowing how these work and how the regulations apply or don’t apply to your operation – is key. Work with your platform supplier – at Digitain we are experienced in giving new operators a helping hand, guiding them from initial concept to market entry.


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5. Optimising your data – make business-led decisions

A benefit of an online sports betting platform is the amount of business data available.

Invest in a Business Intelligence capability in order to optimise this opportunity –  and make data-influenced decisions. 

Your product development roadmap should be informed by the data you have gathered. You may be tempted to just copy what your customers do – but be careful of a “me too” strategy, copying from your competitors without knowing their “secret sauce”.

6. The customer experience you deliver

Your customers have a choice – your competitors are one click away.

So, build a long term relationship with your customers.

Develop a customer experience strategy to drive continual improvements. Surveys, focus groups or customer feedback – listen and act on the information.. Customer Services are your ears – every member of the overall team need to spend time each quarter in Customer Services, listening to the feedback about your products and services.

7. Your people, your most important asset

The most important element – take time and recruit the best people and build a team.

Train and develop.

Share data on performance, on customer views, new product priorities with them – and be prepared to act on their feedback.

If you’re not talking regularly to customers – you should listen to those in your team who are.

By the way – talk to customers!  Regularly talk to a few customers about their views to sense check what people around you are telling you!


I hope you find the above advice helpful, it’s based on over twenty years of online sportsbook experience but also with plenty of trials and errors along the way

At Digitain we have the technology, the people and the experience to help potential new operators make the leap to online sports betting, with our flexible, scalable and affordable sportsbook solutions.  Please email me at peter.nolan@digitain.com for more information, or simply to chat sportsbook.

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10 September 2020 / Blog

“There is no more delicate matter to take in hand, nor more dangerous to conduct, nor more doubtful in its success, than to be a leader in the introduction of changes. For he who innovates will have for enemies all those who are well off under the old order of things, and only lukewarm supporters in those who might be better off under the new.”

Niccolo Machiavelli “The Prince”, circa 1513.

So, what relevance can the thoughts of a 16th-century diplomat and political philosopher have on the product development strategies of betting and gaming businesses in 2020?

In truth, probably not a lot – his was a rather negative perspective – but he does raise a good point though. Innovation is hard and there are many reasons – including cultural, financial, utilitarian and internal conflict – why it remains an apparent problem in our industry.

I often read that there’s a severe lack of innovation in the sports betting industry – there’s certainly a lot of Me-Too development, where companies are quick to copy apparent successful innovations – often not realising the full picture why a particular new feature has been successful.

However, to say there is no innovation is wrong I believe. I think one problem is that there is often confusion in iGaming between the terms invention and innovation.

For me invention describes a significant step change in a product or a process, something that has the potential to change how we conduct our business. The microprocessor was an invention – the iPhone was an innovation, taking existing technology and completely changing how the simple mobile phone was used.

An innovation is not a step change, but making an improvement in how product, processes or service are delivered. Innovation does not need to be radical to be successful – but it does need to have utility and should deliver added value.

I would argue, therefore, that innovation is happening across the sports betting and gaming industry – although it could be “under the bonnet” and invisible to outsiders.

Covid-19 and its challenges to delivers to the world economy, it’s reasonable to expect that innovation in iGaming development will shift somewhat from a focus on customer requirements (effectiveness) to a focus on cost optimisation (efficiency).

Another complication when discussion innovation is that often it’s also often confused with continual improvement activities.

It could be argued that a continual, never-ending, process of delivering small improvements delivers more value to a business than focusing on break-through innovations, or even the more difficult to attain, inventions. Continual improvements and innovations should belong to everyone in the business to identify and act on, although there needs to be supporting culture, systems and processes in place to recognise and reward the effort. A business needs to avoid the trap pointed out by old Niccolo above; fear of change and allowing inertia to rule.

Continual improvement and innovation are two sides of the same coin, their meanings overlapping and probably only different in terms of the scale of the change.

A good example of a continual improvement strategy was the British Cycling Team from the mid 2000s.  Before the appointment of a new performance coach, Dave Brailsford, the British Cycling team had endured 100 years of mediocrity.

From 2007 to 2017, British cyclists won 178 world championships, 66 Olympics and Paralympics gold medals and 5 Tour de France victories.

How was this most successful run in cycling history achieved?

Through the aggregation of “marginal gains” – in other words, continual improvement.  This meant searching out a tiny margin of improvement in everything they did – from the alignment of bike seats, rubbing alcohol on tyres to testing different fabrics for aerodynamics and beyond.

Brailsford and his team were relentless in searching for “1% improvements” – even though the impact may not be noticed – the aggregation of these improvements made the difference – as well as having an improvement on the psychology of the team.

Perhaps more businesses in iGaming would be better served to look internally for marginal gains instead of “Going for the W” with an industry-leading (soon to be copied) innovation?

Both are probably true actually – but, as stated above it can be hard to deliver change to the status quo. There can be a lot of internal barriers to overcome. One possible approach to delivering iGaming innovation is to understand that not all the brains are in the business. More and more companies in iGaming (such as Microgaming and Yggdrasil) have reached out with and set up relationships to other smaller businesses or start-ups (with less barriers / more appetite for risk) to deliver innovative products or ideas.

At Digitain we see this to be a valid strategy and via our Digitown initiative we will invest in the youth of Armenia in order to support innovation. Digitown is a technology campus being developed in Yerevan and will be the new home for the Digitain teams as well as offering a degree of free accommodation and mentoring support to new technology start-ups.

We believe this initiative will benefit Digitain in terms of potential innovations generated by the relationship – as well as developing the identity of Yerevan as a technology centre of excellence.

As Machiavelli pointed out 500 odd years ago – change can be difficult and not always welcomed – and can need determination and drive to deliver.

A number of years ago there was a study carried out by management scientists who wanted to look at how the make-up of working groups could impact productivity / performance.

They put together a large group of experienced managers and split them into 10 teams of five people.

They then gave each group a series of identical tasks – which could have measurable but variable results. What the managers in the groups didn’t know that in half the groups one of the participants was a plant.  Their job was to challenge every decision – in a polite way – but to be relentless throughout the process.

When the tasks had been completed and scored the results were interesting. In every example the teams with the plant outperformed the other teams by a significant distance.

The creative tension caused by the actions of the plant questioning every decision had resulted in a better overall performance for the team.

The other teams had formed, stormed, normed and performed – but to a lesser extent than the other groups – who had formed and stormed (didn’t norm) and out-performed.

However – when the groups were later asked anonymously if they wanted to change the make-up of their groups – guess what happened?

In the groups who had under-performed – in each one they wanted to keep the same individuals together – as they were comfortable together.

In the better performing groups, the decision was unanimous – despite their clear success they all wanted to get rid of the really annoying member who kept questioning everything they did!

So, the lesson for us all…

Drive innovation and change by,

Avoid groupthink, don’t get blinkered by the status quo and don’t be too in love with your own products.

Make data led decisions and listen to others, especially your customers.

And finally…

Remember that progress depends on the unreasonable person. Creative tension (not conflict) is a good thing – you’ll get better results. Also encourage ideas and innovation from across the business.

Let’s add “and other online casino games providers” keyword

Doesn’t make sense – saying such as – is quite specific


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