How to engage your players with Centrivo’s Bonus Engine

To succeed in the iGaming industry, player engagement is paramount. It’s essential to provide customers with compelling reasons to keep coming back to your site, ensuring they feel entertained and get value for their money. 

Centrivo platform understands the importance of continuous development in delivering exceptional entertainment to players through innovative solutions.  

Centrivo’s Bonus Engine empowers operators to create captivating promotional mechanisms that engage and excite their players. 

One vital aspect to consider is player acquisition. Acquiring new players is essential, and Centrivo’s Bonus Engine provides a range of bonus types to facilitate this process. 

Centrivo’s flexible bonus engine gives operators an opportunity to provide a wide range of promotional campaigns, create promotions targeting different customer groups or segments with different needs, motivating the players to engage for longer through the use of different triggers and promotional offers, including: 

  • A dynamic trigger-based system 
  • A campaign-based approach for higher efficiency and reusability 
  • Cross-Product and Multi-Bonus support 
  • Cashback flexible campaigns and promo codes 
  • A referral campaign mechanism

Centrivo offers a wide range of Bonus types including.  

  1. Player Acquisition
  2. Casino
  3. Sportsbook

For the Casino: 

  • Wagering Bonuses 
  • Free Bets 
  • Cashback 
  • Referral Campaigns 
  • Promo Codes 
  • Free Spins 
  • Real Money Bonuses 

For Sportsbook: 

  • Free Bets 
  • Wagering Bonuses 
  • Jackpot Bonus 
  • BetSlip bonus 

Player Acquisition Bonuses: 

  • Sign-up bonus 
  • Verification bonus 
  • First deposit bonus 
  • Birthday bonus 
  • Referral campaigns  

Acquiring new players is vital, and Centrivo platform provides various bonus types to facilitate this process. These include enticing sign-up bonuses, verification bonuses, and a range of deposit bonuses, such as first deposit bonus, verification bonus and more. 

Centrivo’s Bonus Engine is designed to enhance player engagement across all demographics.  

By offering targeted and effective promotions, operators can significantly increase player engagement and create a compelling iGaming experience for both new and existing players. 

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